On the island of Negros lies a cultural spot where it features remnants and relics of the Pre-Spanish colonization – giving life to this vibrant city known as the City of Dumaguete. It ultimately became a renowned center of culture aside from its humble beginnings, it is a place where talents from the creative field, such as writers, musicians, visual artists, and performers are hailed from.

With this, Dumaguete also became home to aesthetic places. Here are aesthetic cafés to mark on your list upon your next visit to the so-called, “Cultural Hub of Negros”.

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1. Café Sans Rival at The Henry, Dumaguete

Filipinos are known for their sweet tooth, so every local vicinity of the island created its delicacy – mostly sweets.

Dumaguete didn’t miss out on the trend of locals from various parts of the country making their Sweet Delicacies, and so, the renowned “Silvanas” was born. You can’t spell Dumaguete without Silvanas. It originated from Sans Rival, which has various branches across the city, but the most aesthetic one among their branches is Café Sans Rival at the Henry hotel in Dumaguete.  

This aesthetic café features aside from a contemporary landscape that can be visibly seen in its outdoor dining area. It doesn’t miss out on elements that made Dumaguete known, its Spanish-like elements in the area. Dumaguete and Negros, in general, are known to be heavily influenced by Spanish Colonization, which remains even today. So these elements are present in this Café making it #ProudlyNegros. It made this spot aesthetic and is attractive for local and international tourists alike, especially when the history behind will be known. You can check what their café looks like in this video,

Video Courtesy: XK Family



  • Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 7 A.M. – 9 P.M.

                                            Friday  Saturday: 7 A.M. – 10 P.M.


Exact Location: The Henry Resort Dumaguete, Dumaguete City, Philippines

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “The Henry Resort” in Dumaguete City. Parking space is available.

2. Fun Café/Bar

This café is known in the city and has topped reviews among tourists. It also captured the attention of the locals especially Millennials and Gen-Zs who are in search of aesthetics and a place to hang out. Dumaguete is home to the young and hip and so we can’t miss this café from our list.

It is good for people from all walks of life but this place is especially attractive for youngsters. Aside from it is a perfect place to take pictures, to store memories – it features bright lights making the place more picture-perfect with its lighting and vibrant with the young spiking more energy in the atmosphere.





Exact Location: Corner Noble Franca St & St Catalina St 6200 Dumaguete City, Philippines’

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Fun Café/Bar” in Dumaguete City.

3. Salt & Pepper

Here is a place perfect for your date nights especially on the weekends. What made it aesthetic and perfect for date nights is how the rustic side of this place and how the lights set the mood. Going on a sophisticated date night doesn’t have to go over the budget, we found a perfect place for you with just the right mood. Somewhere that doesn’t break the budget.

Aside from serving coffee, they also serve different kinds of meat for your main course namely: seafood, beef, pork, and chicken. They also serve pasta when you really want to have a stereotypical and sophisticated date night with your significant other, especially when you want the woman of your life to swoon with pasta.





Exact Location: 145 Hibbard Ave, Barangay Bantayan, Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Salt & Pepper” in Barangay Bantayan, Dumaguete. Parking Space is available.  

We have created recommended places when you’re looking for a place to eat at Dumaguete while enjoying the art scene of the cultural hub of Negros, perfect for all sorts of companions. A place suited for your family, friends, and the love of your life. Where do you plan to go next?

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