We are one jingle bell away from Christmas eve, and a lot of people are planning their annual family Christmas Party. Aside from good food and drinks, Filipinos love competitive party games. Christmas parties are not complete without a few fun games that certainly bring holiday cheer.

Get your game face on! Here are 7 Pinoy Christmas Games for the Family

1. Hep Hep Hooray!

Let us start off strong with the Filipino favorite, “Hep Hep Hooray”. This is a Pinoy Christmas game made by the hit game show host, Willie Revillame.

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Hep Hep Hooray is a quick response game wherein the host will situate the microphone in front of one contestant’s face. The contestant then needs to say “Hep Hep” while clapping their hands below their waist. After the first player says “Hep Hep”, the host will then situate the microphone in front of another player’s face and the player has to say “Hooray” while raising both hands in the air.

The host will switch the microphone between contestants. The first one to make a mistake is out of the game and the last person standing wins.

Hep Hep Hooray is great for a warm-up game as it gives a little adrenaline rush to the players.

2. Pinoy Henyo

Next, we have Pinoy Henyo. It is kind of like a Pinoy version of charades minus counting words and syllables. The game was first introduced by the Noon time show Eat Bulaga. This Party game requires a pair of players and they will decide who guesses and who gives clues.

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The pair is given words that fall under any of the following 4 common categories such as  Tao (people), Bagay (things), Hayop (Animal), and Lugar (Place). Although the categories are not only limited to the ones mentioned, sometimes Pangyayari (Event) or Pagkain (Food) are also used.

The pair is given two minutes to guess the words given to them. But here’s the catch, the player who gives the clue should only answer “Oo”, “Hindi”, “Pwede”. The pair with the most guesses wins.

3. Christmas Singing Bee

It’s never a Pinoy party without singing and karaoke and it is no surprise that Pinoys have a game made exactly for that. The Christmas Singing Bee is a Christmas adaptation of the internationally famous singing show “Singing Bee”, the only difference is, the songs will all be Christmas-themed.

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In this party game, a song is played and the players need to fill in the missing lyrics. Those who sing the wrong lines or lyrics are eliminated from the game.

4. Bring Me

Bring me is another game where Filipinos’ competitiveness is tested. Just like its name suggests, Bring me requires players to bring whatever the host tells them to bring.

The game can be as simple as “bring me your phone”, as funny as “Bring me white hair”, or as weird and bold as “Bring me your crush”.

5. Message Relay

Message Relay is one of Pinoys’ favorite team games. The game requires everyone to work as a team. The players of each team will face each other’s backs and they are not allowed to communicate with their mouths.

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The game comes in different mechanics: Communicate through actions, communicate through writing on each others’ backs, and so on.

The first team to successfully relay the message wins.

6. Charades

Of course, no one can forget the classic charades. It is considered a game of pantomimes where one has to act out a word, phrase, name, movie title, and many more. The catch is, the one doing the actions cannot speak or reveal what the word is.

Photo from Maricris Marande

This game can be played as a team or players can just take turns in guessing and giving clues.

7. Longest Line

Last but not the least, the Longest line. There are no strict rules in this game and the only instruction is that the first team that makes the longest line out of the rest wins. There are no limits as to what objects you can use to form your longest line, you may even use your body.

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Christmas is not just about presents but it is also about spending time and having fun with the people you cherish the most. Make your Christmas party merrier and try out these fun and exciting Pinoy Christmas Party games.

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