“Melk, Cremi, Delesyus and Tasteful”

These are iconic words that you can actually hear, for who wouldn’t remember the viral live video of the beautiful miss Christy Tabanyag.

Photo from Mis Deliciousness Facebook Page

Since then, she has become one of the most followed Bisaya influencers in the social media platform “Tiktok” and has been bringing joy and laughter to all of her followers.

But who is Miss Delesyus in real life?

Christy Tabanyag also known as Miss Deliciousness is from Davao City. She is 27 years old and is working as a call center agent.

In an exclusive with Sugbo.ph she shared that she started Tiktok as a means to pursue her passion which is dancing as the platform is known for its dance challenge and dance covers. Since the pandemic, she found herself inactive in dancing but thanks to Tiktok she has found another stage to showcase her talent which also served as good exercise for her work at home setup.

Photo from Mis Deliciousness Facebook Page

When asked about what really went down on her viral live video that day, she shared that she never expected that to went viral. They were just eating breakfast with her friends and one of them decided to do a Facebook Live. They wanted to finish all the left-over food from the other night’s birthday and act like they were food critiques.

“One of my friends told me to upload the clips of the FB live in tiktok because she wanted to share the laughter to other people not just in our circle. So, I uploaded a clip and in just overnight it went viral. After that, I uploaded another clip from that same FB live and people loved it.”

Photo from Mis Deliciousness Facebook Page

To those few who haven’t seen the video or need reminding, here are some lines to help you.

  • Q: Taste Like? (While eating dessert)
    Christy: “Melk” “Cremi”  and “Delesyus” and “Tasteful”
  • Q: What is the English of Tangkilikin ang sariling atin?
    Christy: “Promote our own Delicacy? Deliciousness?” “Take good care of our self”

And that’s how Miss Deliciousness started and Cristy’s life changed. She has received a lot of
messages and comments that they were very happy and sees her as a stress reliever.
“Hearing those comments really inspired me to make more contents that will entertain the
audience. Since pandemic, there are no physical activities so I used the platform to give
good vibes and laughter to other people.”

Photo from Mis Deliciousness Facebook Page

She said she didn’t really plan on entering the world of a social media influencer or content
creator but with her increasing followers asking for more contents, opportunities also came
like guesting, endorsements and sponsorships.

“I am really grateful bcoz some of the things that I can’t afford before, it’s now given to me for free. People recognized me wherever I go, they will take pictures and will give you something in appreciation. These are the things I did not expect as I go along with this career but I am really happy seeing other people are also happy because of me as Miss Deliciousness.”

She also shared a message to those aspiring content creators who wants to make it big in
social media.

“To those who wanted to be a content creator, just continue uploading videos and creating things that makes you happy. There’s always a perfect timing for everything. And to all my followers, hhhrrmmmmm first of all, I want to thank you for your love and support. Always remember that whatever you do or even when you do nothing, people will always have something to say. So, just continue what you are doing whatever makes you happy as long as you are not harming, hurting and stepping on other people”

Photo from Mis Deliciousness Facebook Page

Bisaya influencers have been successful in Tiktok nd we are sure that many will soon follow. As Miss Christy said, as long as you love what you are doing and you are not hurting anybody then you will be loved by the people.

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