The National Housing Authority (NHA), in collaboration with the City Government of Iloilo, will construct four 5-story low-rise buildings costing PHP200 million for eligible informal settler families (ISF) impacted by various infrastructure projects.

Arnold Almacen/City Mayor’s Office

Officially named as “Uswag Residential Complex,” the housing project will be built on a section of the state-owned three-hectare land in Brgy. San Isidro in Jaro district. The groundbreaking was initiated last February 24, 2022.

Each of the four buildings will feature 60 units, each with a floor size of 24 square meters, for a total of 240 units at a cost of around PHP180 million.

Photo from Iloilo Metropolitan times

The remaining PHP20 million will be used for land development, which includes surveying, earthworks, road construction and parking, drainage and outfall, sewer lines, water distribution, power distribution, street lighting, and community facilities.

The project, which is slated to be completed in a year, would not only revitalize the city but will also provide better housing for the IFS.

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