“We really love the idea of having a tiny house.”

Already in their retirement years, Florida Madula and her husband wanted to have a comfortable house that they could easily look after as a couple.

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And they certainly did as the couple now have their little cozy dream house. With just 55-square meter, you’d hardly notice its small size as it presents a warm, homey and modern design that looks and feels way bigger.

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Inspired by the container homes that are slowly gaining popularity, they looked into its construction and built their home in Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental with three 20-foot containers.

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Container homes are known for being convenient, easily constructed and above all its affordability. Their estimated expense is over P800,000 for the entire construction, excluding furniture and fixtures.

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Madula Container Home Features

  • A shady patio w/ its own dining area for outside dining and a hammock for naps
  • Dining area w/ five-seater dining table
  • Hidden storage area (in a wall near the dining table)
  • Kitchen w/ wooden kitchen countertop
  • Bedrooms on the 1st and 2nd floor (fits a queen-size bed)
  • Living room
  • Comfort room

Keziah Madula, one of Florida’s children shared that it might be a tiny dwelling but it has all the necessities of a family home without sacrificing its comfort and functionality.

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One of it is the emphasis of building it to promote airflow and control heat inside the house. They used double walling, insulator foam, and thick wood for the walls and had lots of windows and big doors to promote air flow and of course to bring in enough natural light. The house was also built under the trees and it makes a big difference in its overall ambiance.

A house that you can entertain visitors, take a nap in a hammock, and most importantly be as close as possible to your loved ones is a dream house indeed.

Now who said you can’t have a budget friendly house without sacrificing style and comfort?

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