It’s already a great thing to bike for a day to get your muscles and heart pumping but to bike for 4 days around an island, now that is an amazing feat.

Photo from Angel Pokz

Five cyclists biked for 4 days around the entire Negros Island.

Yes. Not a municipality or city but the whole island of the fourth largest island in the Philippines. Negros has a total land area of 13,309 km² and these five determined cyclists just had a tour around it on their bikes.

Now, Biking have always been considered as useful for transport, recreation, exercise or sport, especially with its rise in popularity during the pandemic.

Photo from Angel Pokz

Dubbed as the “Fearless Five,” the cyclists are:

  • Randy Millares of Amlan
  • Hywell Ramacho of Sibulan
  • Randy and Khylle Vilan of Dumaguete City
  • Angel Pokz of Ayungon town

The complete journey around negros island wasn’t an easy cake even for them as they started from July 21 and on the days ahead endured inclement weather conditions, rough roads, and even flat tires. Despite all these hindrances and complications, they fought through and finally achieved their goal by July 24. 

They had their stops in various cities and towns in Negros Oriental and Occidental including:

  • Bacolod City
  • Sipalay
  • Toboso
  • Silay City
  • Kabankalan City
  • Bayawan City
  • Ayungon
  • Hinoba-an
  • Himamaylan City
Photo from Angel Pokz
Photo from Angel Pokz
Photo from Angel Pokz
Photo from Angel Pokz
Photo from Angel Pokz

Each stop was commemorated by a mandatory group photo with the famous tourist spots or picture spots of each city or town.

A little trivia, some of the health benefits of regular cycling are increased cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved joint mobility, decreased stress levels and of course as our body sweats, decreased body fat levels.

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