Czarina Marie Balba, more famously known as “DJ Chacha,” is an award-winning radio DJ of Radyo Singko 92.3 and is known for giving advice in her radio programs and other social media platforms.

Photo from DJ ChaCha Facebook Page

One of her advice however went viral as she shared it on her Twitter last Jan 25.

“Hindi batayan ng success ang laman ng bank account, dami ng sasakyan o ari-arian kahit simple ang buhay o maliit ang kita pero may peace of mind ka at kuntento sa kung anong meron ka, may masayang pamilya at mga totoong kaibigan.. yan ang tunay na tagumpay sa buhay.”

This advice has struck everyone as discontentment and life comparison is very evident during these times, what with all you can see shared on social media.

She shares that success isn’t just measured in material things or life achievements but with what you have and appreciating them and living in peace.

DJ Chacha was a celebrity housemate on the Celebrity Chapter of Pinoy Big Brother 7. Seen as a straightforward and frank person, this trait of speaking her mind holds true in her radio program giving advice on different relationship problems and her literary pieces, “Napakasakit, Ate Chacha” & “Anak ng Patola! Mas masakit, Ate Chacha”.

Photo from Pinoy Big Brother

She is a single mom to her 7-year-old daughter, Saab and a supermom at that as she juggles her career as radio, TV and events host and parenthood.

Some of her witty advice are:

  • Friendly reminder: unahin magbayad ng utang bago magpa-rebond at pakulay ng hereret.
  • Bakit niyo pinipilit magjowa yung mga single? Kung masaya naman  sila na single sila. Bakit nyo sila pini pressure?

You can also listen to her Lecheng Pag-ibig to on Spotify.

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