If you have been to Dumaguete City, you will also feel the overwhelming presence of art there, not just in artworks, buildings, and structures but also in their way of life.

Photo from Hersley Casero

This is why it came as no surprise that a Dumagueteño photographer Hersley-Ven Casero has been named a Finalist in the 2022 Street Photography International Awards.

Yes. Another Bisaya is making a name Internationally as a Multidisciplinary Visual Artist, Street & Documentary Photographer with original pieces that never cease to amaze.

2022 Street Photography International Awards is one of the most prestigious street photography competitions in the world and aims to share the world around us in a candid fashion like the beauty of everyday life around the world.

Casero is the only Filipino finalist out of 15, with his photo “The House on the Beach,” which was taken last July along Looc Beach in Dumaguete City.

The House by the Sea | Photo from Hersley Casero

“This particular photograph was actually weeks in the making: I had spotted the location and figured out the timing for the best light in the day, and the best angle for the shot I had in mind. I had to keep returning to the same spot week after week until all of the elements and subjects aligned in the right place at the right time for me to get the shot that I ultimately submitted to the Street Photography International Awards 2022.”

Hersley-Ven Casero

His win is truly impactful as he is said to be the very first Filipino to place giving the right representation ripples for all our Filipino photographers.

Casero Personal background

  • Graduate of Foundation University
  • Casero’s murals can be found throughout Negros Oriental (paintings sell before public viewings)
  • Awarded 2nd place at the Italian Street Photo Festival in April
  • Seen on a daily basis snapping up shots by residents of Dumaguete City

All the 15 finalists won a RICOH GR III x Urban Edition, Special Limited Kit which professional photographers have chosen as the best camera for street photography. It is also limited edition with only 2,000 units of this camera available worldwide.

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