For the past decade, the need for having a fast internet connection has slowly grown.

As we entered the year 2020, the demand for internet went through the roof with work-from-home arrangements becoming the norm due to the pandemic. This has opened a new idea for more flexible work arrangements for the future with internet connection being at the center of it all.

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The internet has etched itself so deep into our lives that, just like water, food, and electricity, it has become one of this generation’s basic necessities.

Since every form of transaction and business is slowly migrating into the digital space, a practical move would be to subscribe to fast, reliable, and, if possible, affordable plans. From doing online and cashless payments for online shopping and online classes.

One of the most heated debates regarding internet connection is the choice between DSL and Fiber. In terms of speed, DSL only reaches up to a measly 15 mbps while Fiber can go as fast as 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps) which is more than 100x faster. Clearly, Fiber is vastly superior over DSL but its greatest downside is its availability.

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Infrastructures still need to be laid down first before connections can be made in an area and there are areas in the country that are just too far for installations.

With that, we have made a list of all available Fiber plans in the country and corresponding reasons and conditions to apply for a certain plan.


20 MbpsP999
30 MbpsP1,299
50 MbpsP1,599P1,699P1,500
75 MbpsP1,699
100 MbpsP2,099
150 MbpsP2,099P2,299
200 MbpsP2,799
300 MbpsP2,699P2,699P2,500
400 MbpsP3,499
500 MbpsP4,999
600 MbpsP3,799
800 MbpsP3,500
1 GbpsP9,499

Note: Prices indicated above are the monthly recurring fees as of March 2022 with Unlimited Data. Speed accuracy and reliability depend on the network and location.


The same with PLDT, Globe Broadband also has a wide reach nationwide and is therefore available to the majority of the population. Some of their plans also come with freebies and offer some of the most bang-for-buck deals for plans with a speed of 100 mbps and up. Globe is perfect for households that want seamless internet connection without having to worry about bandwidth consumption.

  • GFiber Unli 1599: P1,599 up to 50 mbps (Unlimited data)
  • Go Unli 2099: P2,099 up to 150 mbps (Unlimited data)
  • Go Unli 2699: P2,699 up to 300 mbps (Unlimited data)
  • Go Unli 3499: P3,499 up to 400 mbps (Unlimited data)
  • Go Unli 4999: P3,499 up to 500 mbps (Unlimited data)
  • Go Unli 9499: P9,499 up to 1 Gbps (Unlimited data)

Globe’s official website:


Sky’s Fiber Unli Plans belong to the second cheapest in this list and Sky, in general, offers one of the best prices per mbps on broadband.  The All-in box plans are perfect for families who prefer enjoying quality TV time and want the most out of their plans while the Home Wifi postpaid plans offer the most mobility and range which would suit families living in large houses and experience difficulty setting up a wireless network.

  • Sky Fiber 20 Mbps Plan: P999 (Free installation fee)
  • Sky Fiber 30 Mbps Plan: P1,299 (Free installation fee)
  • Sky Fiber 75 Mbps Plan: P1,699 (Free installation fee)
  • Sky Fiber 150 Mbps Plan: P2,299 (Free installation fee)
  • Sky Fiber 200 Mbps Plan: P2,799 (Free installation fee)

SKY’s official website:


PLDT Home Fibr Plans are the perfect plans for streamers, gamers, and other professions requiring heavy bandwidth usage. This is a good option for small families or any house with only a small number of gadgets requiring a connection. Also, unlike Converge, PLDT has a wide area coverage with a lot of PH cities under its web. It also has bundle plans that some consumers will surely appreciate. 

  • Plan 1699: P1,699 up to 50 mbps
  • Plan 2099: P2,099 up to 100 mbps
  • Plan 2699: P3,499 up to 300 mbps
  • Plan 3799: P3,799 up to 600 mbps

PLDT’s official website:


Converge ICT is one of the most affordable plans out of all in this list, able to provide users with the fastest speed at a low price. However, it offers the least amount of inclusions and also covers the least locations – mostly available in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Converge ICT is ideal for heavy broadband users who want cheap fiber-optic connection at home without the installation of phones.

As of January 2021, Converge ICT supports very few locations in the island of Cebu.

  • FiberX 1500: P1,500 for up to 50 mbps
  • FiberX 2500: P2,500 for up to 300 mbps
  • FiberX 3500: P3,500 for up to 800 mbps

Converge’s official website:

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