Being a single mom is admirable enough, but a single mom that has worked her way into earning a million? Now that is a super mom indeed.

A Filipino single mother just showed the world that there is nothing impossible to a determined mother. With the right strategy, strong mindset, and actually doing the hard work.

Photo from KMJS on GMA Public Affairs YouTube Channel

This single mom is Vannerie Picarhad and her life has not been easy. Her struggles started when she had to stop working as a teacher due to her delicate pregnancy in 2018. What made matters worse is that she discovered that the father of her child was having an affair at work and even almost lost the baby after giving birth.

“Bilang single mom, isa kasi sa mga struggle namin yung panghihingi ng sustento, ng supporta. Gusto kong iangat image naming mga single mom, na kaya namin. Kaya naming umangat,”

Having no job paired with the demands of raising a child, she applied as a call center agent to make ends meet. And even then her salary was not enough for their living expenses.

Photo from KMJS on GMA Public Affairs YouTube Channel

So, she made a decision that she need to have another source of income and since many seemed to be into skin care products she chose it and looked for a supplier. Armed with just P3,500 pesos, she decided to take a risk and use the money as capital to venture into this business of online selling.

But the work didn’t end there though as in any business there are ups and downs especially with online selling and its risks.  She had encounters with bogus buyers which frustrated her but she did not give in and continued posting online. With this strategy, she soon had many people starting to buy more of her products.

Photo from KMJS on GMA Public Affairs YouTube Channel
Photo from KMJS on GMA Public Affairs YouTube Channel

From her simple P3,500 capital, she now earns P3 million pesos which she posted on her TikTok account. She said there that she didn’t really think she’d get as far as P3.4 Million total purchases.

Her hardship on being a worker, online seller, and a mom all at the same time have finally paid off and it is something to be proud. She also shared a reminder to aspiring entrepreneurs that before starting a business, take time and learn everything about it.

Photo from KMJS on GMA Public Affairs YouTube Channel

Her story is truly inspiring especially for young entrepreneurs out there. Dare to dream as your only true hurdle is yourself.

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