On Friday, the international gaming and technology company DFNN Inc. announced a partnership with American firm, Nautilus Data Technologies, to build a data center in Bataan’s Freeport Area.

Photo from Nautilus Data Technologies

In a report to the stock exchange, DFNN stated that the inked memorandum of agreement entails the creation of a data center with Silicon Valley tech startup Nautilus, recognized for its water-cooled data center architecture.

According to DFNN, data centers cooled by Nautilus provide unheard-of benefits, such as energy and water savings, environmental sustainability, and quick global scalability.

The development of the first green data center in the nation is a crucial part of a sustainable technology ecosystem that will guarantee the quick development and growth of the technology sector, which will form the foundation of the digital economy, it was said.

According to the company, demand for data centers is projected to increase as Starlink is set to start operating in the third quarter. In order to maintain a competitive edge, it is crucial to design a data center with green features.

Photo from Starlink Official Website

In preparation for rising demand in the new normal, Globe Telecom, PLDT Inc., and other IT firms with operations in the Philippines have been investing in data centers.

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