We have all been saved by sari-sari stores.

They are always there to help us with our small but necessary needs but how about when we’re sailing at sea and badly need that biscuit or instant coffee.

No worries as this new breed of sari-sari stores or neighborhood convenience stores in Negros Oriental might just be the start of floating sari-sari stores in the Philippines.

These unique sari-sari stores are found in Manjuyod Sandbar, off the coast of Bais in Negros Oriental, plie along the coast and cater to tourists who visit and sail across the sea.

The Manjuyod Sandbar is famous for its strip of pristine white sand and cottages on stilts in the middle of the ocean which is why it was also dubbed as “Maldives of the Philippines”.

You also have the opportunity for dolphin watching which draws crowds of tourists to its attractions.

Boat vendors in these sari-sari stores peddle an assortment of products such as:

  • chips
  • instant coffee
  • biscuits
  • fresh coconut water
  • oysters & sea urchins
  • soda
  • beer and liquor

There are at least three other floating stores that make the rounds of serving tourist boats.

As Thailand has its boat market, maybe it is time for the Philippines’ “floating sari-sari” stores.

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