Who haven’t had soft drinks or soda in one of their meals here in the Philippines isn’t probably human. It’s a staple drink in our country and most of the popular drinks are from Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI) but was formerly called The Coca-Cola Company in 2007.

Enhanced Photo of Jaz Cola

Beverages like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, and Seven Up, are just some of the most known products. But do you remember the hype that is Jaz Cola?

It might surprise you that Jaz cola was only available in the Philippines. What’s more interesting is that it was made for an even more specific market in our country – the Visayas.

With the success of its target customer, Jaz Cola has reportedly “fueled Visayan pride among its teen consumers.” This strategy was also praised as how a company earns loyalty from customers by “Thinking Global but Acting Local”.

Though made specifically for the Visayas, it was all over the Philippines as the “in” drink so they say in the past.

Its popularity may be associated with its unique cola-flavored taste and affordability as some may recall it to be only P2.50.

Jaz had its peak together with the drink Fanta and Sparkle but the latter is still here. Jaz can now be seen on the list of Formerly available Coca-Cola products together with Fanta, Hi-C, and Hero Energy Drink.

Photo from Emil @13thFool on Twitter

Here is a statement that is proof of its hype in Visayas years ago.

“There was a time when Jaz Cola was the only cola that mattered. It was so unbeatable in Panay, Negros and the rest of the Visayas that Coca Cola had to buy it to destroy it.” – Emil @13thFool on Twitter

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