Ice cream? Oh no. Our first childhood cold treat will forever be the legendary ice scramble “skrambol” every after school or after the mass.

Photo from Pera Paraan

Now, you might not think that it is a much profitable business but Stanley Tan of My Cookie Lab proves you wrong with his unique looking ice scramble and much more fun toppings.

He recalled that he came up with the idea after craving it but unfortunately not finding it anywhere even online.

Stanley Tan, Owner of My Cooke Lab | Photo from Pera Paraan

He then thought of a creative way to launch ice scramble in his cookie shop by serving a huge size of ice scramble that can be shared by a group which was a big hit to his customers. What was then an experiment became a staple and what saved his business.

So, in 2018 Stanley focused on improving and marketing his ice scramble product to make it more fun.

Photo from Pera Paraan

He made it a DIY where their customers can assemble their own ice scrambles at home and choose their toppings with a choice of three sizes.

This creative idea paid off as they are earning over P30,000 in a week with just a P5,000 starting capital from selling ice scramble.

Photo from My Cookie Lab Facebook Page
Photo from My Cookie Lab Facebook Page

How To Make Ice Scramble Ala My Cookie Lab

  • Prepare the ingredients: white sugar, milk, shaved ice, and food coloring
  • Choose your toppings: sprinkles, milk powder, marshmallows, corn flakes, and chocolate syrup
  • Start by adding the white sugar, milk, food coloring, and ice to a blender
  • Blend all of these until you have a smooth texture
  • Pour it in a cup and add the toppings you want
  • Serve while cold
Photo from Pera Paraan

Luck and a good strategy are important too in the business industry. So be flexible and creative future entrepreneurs.

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