The COVID-19 pandemic surely caused job market difficulties since 2020, however, some firms have actually raised job salaries in 2021 to attract qualified and competent workers. So, if you’re looking for a way to make more money, now might be the best moment to see what’s available.

According to JobStreet’s latest Salary Report, from January to September 2021, 49.7% of job adverts on the online recruitment site promised wage raises and the average salary increase last year was 22.9 percent higher than 2020.

By industry, here are the job postings on the platform that offered salary increase in 2021:

  • 67% increase related to education
  • 64% increase related to public service
  • 52% increase related to social services
  • 50% increase related to electrical/electronics
  • 48% increase related to computer/ information technology
  • 48% increase related to marketing and advertising
  • 48% increase related to telecommunication
  • 48% increase related to healthcare
  • 47% increase related to construction and building
  • 46% increase related to communication service

Meanwhile, these are the highest-paying entry-level jobs in the Philippines for 2021 by industry:

  1. Telecommunications – PHP20,000 a month
  2. Computer and Information Technology (IT) – PHP19,550 a month
  3. Communication Service – PHP19,500 a month
  4. Consulting – PHP19,000 a month
  5. Insurance – PHP17,000 a month
  6. Electrical/electronics – PHP17,000 a month
  7. Hospitality – PHP15,500 a month
  8. Manufacturing – PHP15,500 a month
  9. Consumer goods – PHP15,000 a month
  10. Banking and finance – PHP14,600 a month

According to the survey, junior executives had the largest median wage growth of 6.4 percent last year, or roughly PHP1,500 in salary increase. The report also suggested that the number of employers in the Philippines that offered a higher pay were higher compared to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

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