It certainly is a win for all the strong and tough Filipina out there.

We now have our own female combat pilot. Combat pilot is just a badass title that we can’t hep but rejoice and cheer on our fellow Filipina.

First Lieutenant Jul Laiza Mae Camposano-Beran is the 1st female Jet fighter of the Philippines Air Force (PAF) in history.

Photo from Philippine Air Force

She is a brave soul and a tough woman to beat with being the fifth female recipient of the Athletic Saber Award which recognizes cadets for their athletic ability.

Originally from Tulunan, Cotabato she graduated from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in the year 2015 as part of the SINAGLAHI class. She then had her military pilot training at the Philippine Air Force Flying School and finished it by 2017.

She will operate an AS-211 fighter jet as a combat-ready pilot and wingman. The said fighter jet is a light jet combat aircraft that is used in attack and surveillance missions.

PAF states that First Lieutenant Camposano-Beran is equipped to:

  • Fly the AS-211 fighter jet
  • Fight air-to-air surface in the AS-211
  • Fight air-to-ground surface in the AS-211
  • Fight air-to-surface in the AS-211
Photo from Philippine Air Force

She has reportedly flown 150 hours (6.25 days) in the AS-211. To be able to transition to the FA-50PH aircraft though, the PAF’s primary jet fighter capable of speeds of Mach 1.5, she would have to clock 300 hours (12.5 days) of flight in the AS-211.

The first PH female fighter jet pilot comes belongs to the PAF’s 5th Fighter Wing which is stationed at the Basa Air Base in Floridablanca, Pampanga.

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