“We value integrity more than anything else!”

Nowadays, people don’t have the luxury of time to do their own laundry. If it fits the budget, we just want to entrust our dirty clothes to the laundry experts as it saves us time and energy. And sometimes, it’s inevitable that we forget to check our pockets before turning them over especially when we are in a rush or we’ve got a lot of things running in our minds — or both.

Wash ME Laundromat-San Francisco, a local laundry shop based in Agusan del Sur in Mindanao, flexed their honest work on Facebook, which is currently trending and has now over 2,000 shares. The shop took photos of their customers’ clean laundry with the cash found in their pockets.

May Wash ME Laundromat post reaches and inspires more Filipinos, especially local business owners, that integrity should be valued more than anything else.

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