Solar power is the future.

Yes. It is the transition that the society must all adapt if we are going to help save the earth. Sustainability to all buildings, houses and even restaurants and stalls can be a big step towards a better and safer future.

Photo from McDonald’s Facebook Page

For this to work though, it should be those big companies and mega corporations that will take the lead. Some of them have already started the work and slowly adapting to more environmentally friendly approaches which are to be given credit for.

McDonald’s, for one, has surely the steps with their solar-powered restaurants in Manila and Mandaluyong and their new ones opening in Pampanga and Albay. 

These new McDonald’s solar-powered restaurants outside Manila will stand in Arayat, Pampanga and Ligao, Albay.

Photo from McDonald’s Facebook Page
Photo from McDonald’s Facebook Page

“These stores are equipped with grid-tied… solar photovoltaic systems connected to the local utility grid, and [are] a cost-effective option to supplement energy requirements,” 


  • Potentially more than 70,000 KWH in estimated annual power generation
  • approximately less 17,000 kg of CO2 emissions
  • Features include solar lamp posts, photo and motion sensors, and
  • High-performance glass film
  • less energy consumption
  • Eco-friendly air conditioning
  • Proper waste disposal
  • Sustainable packaging

“We recognize the role we play and the impact we can make by committing to learn and scale initiatives that reduce waste and emissions.”

– McDonald’s Philippines President & CEO Kenneth S. Yang
Photo from McDonald’s Facebook Page
Photo from McDonald’s Facebook Page

With McDonald’s Philippines slowly becoming a better McDonald’s for the environment, we can only hope that other big names would follow their example as well.

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