The summer season in the Philippines is officially here, and what better way than to spend your vacation leaves and holidays at these select Airbnb stays?

Each guaranteed to soothe your city-induced stress and longing for that much needed summer break, check out these top selected Airbnb stays that you can avail while you’re in the country.

1. Cedara Thermal Pool

What could be better than taking a splash at a gigantic pool during the summer season? At Cedara Thermal Pool, the resort offers a very unique take in swimming pools: a thermal pool perfect for the cold weather in Tagaytay. The thermal pool has a heating feature that makes it waters warm, giving that fuzzy feeling while taking a dip.

2. John’s Hammock Vacation House

If you want a more laidback getaway break, John’s Hammock might just be the one for you especially if you are into music. With various instruments such as guitars, ukuleles, a grand piano, and a cajon, all available for use while staying at John’s Hammock, a jam session after a day’s worth of relaxing is indeed a fine idea.

3. Overlooking Forest Cabin

Offering a great view of the Taal Lake and its surrounding forests, staying a night at Overlooking Forest Cabin in Tagaytay is surely a scenic, calm and relaxing experience. The off-grid location of this cabin is also an added touch of exclusivity. Intimate staycations with friends, family, and lovers is possible here.

4. Amberfield’s Farmhouse

If you’re into farmhouses, then Amberfield’s Farmhouse is a great pick among this list. Boasting vast lands converted into pineapple farms, the farmhouse is a lowkey and serene location if you want to relax while keeping in touch with mother nature. Not to mention, they also have a four-foot swimming pool, a patio, and a private garden.

  • Location: Tolentino East Tagaytay City Rd, Tagaytay, Cavite
  • Book now! Click this link first: and sign up. After signing up, head on to this link.

5. Floral Island in El Nido, Palawan

If you want a more jam-packed vacation, then Floral Island is great as activities like snorkeling, kayaking and island hopping is readily available. Its location, which is at the heart of Talacenan Island, gives Floral Island a more intriguing vibe, not to mention the local Palawan cuisine the place offers.

6. Narra Hill in Batangas

An ideal hilltop with a scenic view of Tagaytay, Narra Hill is a unique bed-and-breakfast that is great if you are longing for those nostalgic and provincial feels. The lush mountainside where the B&B is located also offers a scenic view of Taal Lake, one of Tagaytay’s natural wonders.

7. Amihan Ecolodge in Palawan

With an aesthetically and naturally made design, Amihan Ecolodge is a popular earthhouse that is a favorite respite for travel and adventure seekers. With activities like exploring, mountain climbing, jungle trekking and fishing just at bay, this is a great fit for those who want a vacation break but can’t keep their adventurous spirits put.

8. Treehouse de Valentine in Cebu

Unconventional for all the right reasons, Treehouse de Valentine juxtaposes the stressful and fast-paced life Cebu is famous for. The treehouse is a perfect nest to relax and unwind, with great food offerings, an aesthetic and earth-tone design, and a tranquil atmosphere. Treehouse de Valentine is also near local rivers, which is an option for tourists and visitors who want a quick dip.

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