I guess it’s every parent’s dream that their child gets to finish school. Yet one mother and son tandem in Bais City seems to be a unique case for such aspirations. Maria Cecilia Cadiz, a 58-year-old mother, graduated from senior high school last July 2022. Coincidentally, among the graduating class is also her own son, John Gabriel.

Photo from Bais City Senior High School Facebook Page

Together, they walked the stage and got their diplomas which the Cadizes consider a milestone in their lives. In an interview with Yes, The Best 106.3, Cadiz said she was thankful for graduating, saying it was proof of “God’s right and perfect timing.”

Maria Cecilia Cadiz, who is juggling her responsibilities as a housewife and a full-time vegetable vendor managed to squeeze in some time despite her busy schedule to finally graduate – a former dream that she had that she thought was already forgotten.

At a young age, Maria Cecilia had to choose between working and pursuing her studies. She chose the former, as life back then according to her was difficult financially. She realized she had to stop studying and had to start working to help with the household expenses.

Maria Cecilia Cadiz | Photo from Bais City Senior High School Facebook Page
John Gabriel Cadiz | Photo from Bais City Senior High School Facebook Page

With her frail and young hand, back in the day, Maria Cecilia would gather oysters or “sisi” in Bisaya and sell them for 70 centavos a piece. Years went by until she finally had her own family and her dream of graduating at least high school was already a thing of the past for her.

But in 2017, this forgotten dream was rekindled when she tried to enroll through DepEd’s Alternative Learning System (ALS), a program that aimed to help those who didn’t finish schooling traditionally. Right after finishing the program, Maria Cecilia decided to take it a step further by enrolling in senior high school.

John Gabriel Cadiz, Maria Cecilia’s own son was also enrolling in senior high school that year, and eventually, the mother and son became classmates. They both enrolled in Bais City National High School – Senior High, their hometown’s national high school.

After two years, the duo persisted throughout senior high school. Maria Cecilia noted that it was a harder experience for her, as the experience caused her anxiety when people would stare at her being a senior high school student at her age.

Nevertheless, Maria Cecilia was not fazed and mustered enough strength to finally finish senior high school which she eventually did. Her own family and friends also encouraged her to continue her schooling.

Photo from Bais City Senior High School Facebook Page

After the achievement, Maria Cecilia mentioned that God sets a right time for everyone to achieve their desires in life, and these can be achieved as long as they have the will. Now with a senior high school diploma, Maria Cecilia is currently planning and looking for ways to pursue getting a college degree.

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