Unlocking with Face ID is a great feature on iPhones but it’s oftentimes annoying if we cannot use it with a mask or without an Apple Watch. Don’t fret, we have good news for you!

A few weeks from now (yes, finally after 2 years), we will be able to use Face ID to unlock our iPhone even while wearing a face mask. This means we won’t have to take off our masks, input a 6-digit passcode, and risk spreading the germs merely to unlock our phones in public.

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How does it work? To use Face ID while wearing a mask, iPhone will be more focused on recognizing the unique features around the eye area to authenticate. Although this new feature is seemingly less secure, for many people, the convenience is incomparable and worth it.

Of course, if you’re not comfortable and couldn’t trust the ‘eye-only’ Face ID feature, you still have the option not to activate the feature. It might not be as good as the Touch ID for iPhones, but it’s a lot better than nothing especially since we may still need to wear masks in the coming months.

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The new feature is still in beta version and will soon be officially released through iOS 15.4 update sometime in March or April 2022 for users with iPhone 12 or newer devices. By then, you can activate the feature by following these steps:

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app on your ‌iPhone‌.
  2. Scroll down and tap Face ID & Passcode.
  3. Enter your passcode.
  4. Toggle on the switch next to Use Face ID With a Mask, then follow the onscreen instructions.

What do you think of the new Face ID Unlock with a Mask feature?

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