Self isolation? Home quarantine? 

These are now actual fears and worries of Filipinos as cases of COVID-19 are rising. You can breathe a sigh of relief though as support is here to those isolating at home through the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

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The COVID-19 Home Isolation Benefit Package (CHIBP) will be availed by isolating COVID-19 patients living in ’surge areas”. This health support is valid in any accredited provider.

Patients have to “meet the social and clinical criteria” for home quarantine to receive health support directly from their houses according to PhilHealth. This will be assessed by their Barangay Health Emergency Response Team.

What you should know about CHIBP

  • Patients covered by CHIBP should be living in areas identified as high-risk 

(Surge areas are those high-risk geographic areas declared by the IATF.)

  • Patients shall shoulder payment for services not included in the package
  • Corresponding reimbursement rate is P5,917.00 per claim.

Services covered by PhilHealth’s COVID-19 Home Isolation Benefit Package are:

Mandatory services

  • Minimum 10-day home isolation consultations
  • At least twice for the whole duration of isolation
  • Initial consultation must be done face-to-face succeeding consultations may be done face-to-face or through teleconsultation
  • 24/7 daily monitoring of clinical and supportive care by a nurse or through teleconsultation
  • Provision of Home Isolation kit containing:
  • 1 L 70% alcohol
  • 5 pcs face mask
  • 1 thermometer
  • 1 pulse oximeter
  • 18 pcs paracetamol
  • 12 pcs Lagundi tablets or equivalent
  • 6 sachets oral rehydration salts
  • 10 pcs ascorbic acid
  • 10 pcss Vitamin D and Zinc
  • Consent form

Other services

  • Patient Education
  • Patient referral to a higher-level facility and patient support during transfer
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We can get through everything if we just help each other out by following protocols and being safe. This health support will surely be a big thing already for those who are suffering because of the pandemic.

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