Many people believe that the power of love can overcome any obstacles.

Well, this is definitely true for this couple of security guards in Sulu known as Reyner and Nurhima Bahulluk. Their love combined with hard work and dedication made them pass the Licensure Exam for Teachers together.

Photo from Nurhima Kadani Sular

The work of a security guard is not easy, yet after their respective shifts they would study hard and review for the board exam. According to Reyner, “Sobrang hirap po ng setup namin. ‘Yung preparation sobrang hirap.”

“‘Yung time na  nagpreprepare lahat siguro ng paraan ginawa ko na– sulat sa papel, magsulat sa pader na rin at ‘yung mga notes, gumagawa ako ng mga notes sa papel, tapos binabasa ko ‘yon sa oras ng trabaho. Kahit nakatayo, kahit makita ko lang doon sa table ko, binabasa basa ko tinatandaan ko ‘yung mga importante,” he details further.

Photo from Nurhima Kadani Sular

According to him, every time they come home from work, his partner’s role would be to read the reviewer. Meanwhile, he would listen to her words and understand what they meant. He did not have the energy anymore after a hard day’s work, he said.

However, the pair did not pass at the same time, as Nurhima passed in 2019 during her second attempt while Reyner passed it this year. He proclaimed that it took him six attempts to reach where he is now. He did not mind the repeated failed attempts as it was for his family’s future.

Photo from Nurhima Kadani Sular

Now, he works in Zamboanga City. He admitted that people would often discriminate them because of their religion and their job as security guards, but this did not deter them. After Nurhima passed the exam, it gave the couple a glimmering hope for the future.

Reyner graduated from Lapak National School of Fisheries located in Sulu back in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in fisher education. Still, they married each other before his graduation, and he helped his wife in her elementary education degree.

“Unang-una gusto ko tulungan yung mga kabataan doon sa probinsya namin. I-educate sila mas maganda pa sa mga naranasan nilang edukasyon. Para sabi ko makisabay sila, hindi sila makilala bilang isang muslim o terorista man sa social media,” he expressed his concerns, “gusto ko rin maipakita nila na hindi lahat ng mga Muslim ay mga masasama or mga Abu Sayaf.”

Photo from Nurhima Kadani Sular

He finalized his message by saying: “sa mga katulad ko lalong lalo na sa sa mga security guard, alam nila gaano kahirap ang maging security guard. Lalong lalo na di tayo mataas sa paningin nila. Pero basta alam natin nasa tama tayo, alam natin ang ginagawa natin, respeto pa rin sa kanila para irespeto din nila tayo. At tyaka wag basta-basta susuko, lahat may paraan basta pursige at syempre wag kalimutan magdasal sa Panginoon.”

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