For 28 years, Star City had been the shining light of family vacations, barkada trips, and thrilling dates. This stellar theme park offered countless hours of joy, scares, and overall good times before it was razed by a fire in October 2019.

Photo from Star City | Facebook Page

The fiery incident made the park close to repair the major damage to the main building, but the disaster won’t dull Star City’s shine!

A bright light through dark nights

2021 was a tiresome year, almost just as tiring as 2020 when the pandemic first hit the world. And boy, did it hit hard. Filipinos and people all over the world were exposed to an invisible threat and then confined to their homes.

It’s only natural to look for light in such dark times.

All sorts of hobbies and businesses sprouted, but vacations—which were instantly halted by the lockdowns, were still different. 

The feelings of going on a long road trip, seeing a fresh new place, eating out, and seeking new experiences; these feelings were locked away when the boundaries closed.

People missed these feelings, and once we regained a bit of normalcy thanks to the vaccines, we’ve once again sought that light at the end of the dark tunnel. Star City stepped up to be that light and it announced its plans to open this January 2022!

Set to shine again this year

After its 2-year long closure, Star City was ready to make its supernova comeback. In an official announcement in their Facebook page last January 5, 2022, the amusement park was meant to open last January 14.

Photo from Star City | Facebook Page

However, management took a better look at the situation in Metro Manila and opted to postpone their opening. 

Metro Manila is in Alert Level 3, which allowed the operation of theme parks at reduced capacities, but Star City decided that postponement of their reopening is the more prudent thing to do.

In an official statement on January 9, Star City announced that ensuring the safety and well-being of guests and employees takes precedence. They will be making another announcement on a firm opening date when conditions are more favorable for all.

Photo from Star City | Facebook Page

Health and safety are non-negotiable. Although, once we’ve grasped control against the surge of COVID-19 (and variants) cases, you can surely expect to experience the countless hours of joy, scares, and overall good times at Star City once more!

You can visit their website or their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates here:

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