The café game in Visayas and Mindanao have level up as gone are the usual stalls and modern establishments. This time, old nostalgic houses and vast wide gardens are the hype.

One of these cafes that are worth a visit is a café housed in a stunningly restored hacienda home in Iloilo.

Photo from Sunday Bake Night Facebook Page
Photo from Sunday Bake Night Facebook Page

Located close to the plaza and the municipal hall, Sunday Bake Night can be found in Balay Sueño which was formerly called Balay ni Papa Kú. It was an ancestral home in 1940s built by the haciendero Don Modesto Ledesma also known as Papa Kú as the Ledesma family’s term of endearment.

The name, Balay Sueño, the word sueño being the equivalent of dream in Spanish, was the name picked by a political family, the Espinosas, who assumed the role of the structure’s custodians.

Photo from Regine Espinosa

This beautiful house, along with its ventanillas, stilts, wooden floors, and color scheme of white and gray gives the place a whole other ambience of the past. Guests can dine at the sala, the patio and even at the back terrace.

Photo from Regine Espinosa
Photo from Regine Espinosa

Sunday Bake night is what a perfect destination café looks like and it now awaits guests to have a cup and bask in the energy of old times. They have a collection of the tastiest and varied cookies as well so you can indulge on it all you want.

Photo from Regine Espinosa

Even Don Modesto’s great great grandchildren get to visit the place, bringing their friends and talking about happy memories.

Regine one of the family Espinosa says that she envisions Balay Sueño to become a haven for creatives and artisans.

Photo from Regine Espinosa

 “It’s one way to not only keep the memories of the house alive but to also share it with the rest of the community in the generations to come.”- Regine

A café is all about the coffee, the company and the ambience. So, get your creative and nostalgic self to Balay Sueño, as soon as possible.


Other Information:


Exact location: Corner Benedicto-Washington St. Jaro. Iloilo City Philippines

BY BUS: From the Ceres Northbound Terminal in Iloilo City, Balay Sueño is a 6 min ride. The place is a landmark so just tell the driver of a motorcycle/PUJ to drop you off there or ask to be drop off beside Jaro Police Station.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Sunday Bake Night” in Iloilo. Parking space is available.

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