Most times a father’s efforts are not seen and recognized enough which should not be the case as they do so much as a parent.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, this viral photo of a taxi driver, a father, selling coffee in his trunk deserves the attention again after 3 years.

Photo from Ericke Gallardo

The photos were taken by Ericke Gallardo, as that taxi driver was making a sideline selling coffee while alleying at Gaisano City Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. As mentioned, this happened three years ago already but is making its rounds again in social media.

The trending post was captioned

“Hindi mo kailangan magreklamo kung kinakapos ka, ang kailangan mo dobleng sipag para makaraos.”

The words perfectly convey how lack of resources is not a reason to give up but more to find ways and be hardworking. Complaints will only delay you from your goal. Having a sideline while maintaining a job is a hustle that any father would take just to make ends meet.

Photo from Jicel Cumahig

The driver’s daughter, Jicel Cumahig, also took to Facebook to share her father’s story saying that he has been driving a taxi for nearly 26 years now all while raising six children, five boys and one girl and having them go to school. Two of his children died though.

Jicel shared that she would tell him to rest for a bit and not overwork but will only reply with “mahal kaayo gasolina dili kaayo mka apas sa abang”. Even with this sideline of selling coffe, he even thought of another hustle where he said this to Jicel “lang nkuy 10k diri mag kuha tag tricab kay gusto ko kada gabie mag drive ko sna “.

To help her father, Jicel became a seller and tatay driver even helped his daughter sell vapes too.  According to Jicel, her father who is turning 50 this June 24, is a very kind person and very hardworking, and that she is very lucky that he is her father.

There is a possibility that he is not aware of his photos being trending as suggested by his daughter as he is not into social media. He is also a very shy person so we might not hear from him netizens.

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