The COVID-19 pandemic definitely changed our lives and caused great disruptions in the world economy, including the education sector.

Photo from Lisa Marie David / Reuters

According to a recent study, more than 94 percent of the world’s student population has been touched by school, institution, and other learning facility closures from the past two years. And while restrictions are gradually lifted, the reopening of schools is another challenge as many new standard operating procedures have been implemented.

In the Philippines, there are almost 27 million children who still do not have proper educational opportunities and a lot of students lack materials for online school like laptops, phones, and the internet. That’s why these young teachers from Quezon Province initiated a way to reach out to underprivileged kids and help them keep their education on track.

Photo from Lisa Marie David / Reuters
Photo from Lisa Marie David / Reuters

The volunteers push a wooden trolley that serves as a ‘mobile school’ and carries educational materials like a whiteboard, colorful charts, and a stack of books. Two teachers sit in front while the other two at the back push the cart with their feet, and they take turns. They travel from one village to another at least thrice a week.

Photo from Lisa Marie David / Reuters

“It’s important that we do this, especially now that there is a pandemic and the children cannot do face-to-face learning,” said Shaira Berdin, one of the volunteers.

The noble project, which began in November 2021, collects the necessary educational materials through donations. More than 60 children in need are taught math and reading by the volunteers.

Kudos to these young volunteers with big hearts. May they inspire more Filipinos to help the underprivileged especially in these trying times.

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