Christmas has come and gone but its spirit of giving remains as this viral story of a boy who collected Christmas alms for his Lolo surfaced.

Joshua promised his grandfather that they will eat in a Samgyupsal restaurant. The boy wanted to try eating there but was told by his grandfather that they don’t have enough money so they should save first.

Photo from Jessica Abaslon | Facebook

Determined to dine there, Joshua then told the staff that they will be back. He then proceeded to collect alms and gained P199 by around 6pm.

Lolo and grandson were no strangers to the area, asking for alms. Little did they know though that they won’t be spending the saved money as Jessica Absalon, the store owner will treat them.

“Ate ito na po nakaipon na po ako subukan po namin ni lolo kumain.” Jessica quoted Joshua

The Samgyupsal restaurant brought out food and even gave them some take-out food to take home.

It was an act of kindness from the boy to his Lolo that also spurred an act of kindness from the owner. As a famous line in the Klaus movie says “A true selfless act always sparks another”.

“Got some realization mga sis na we are still very lucky kung ano man ang meron tayo ngayon, learn how to be contended and appreciate things maliit man o malaki bongga nayarn,”- Jessica 

Photo from Jessica Abaslon | Facebook

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