A ton of love stories are so sweet and pure that you just want to follow up on their relationship. There are even television shows that’s all about meeting people at the right time.

Photo from Mikey and Bella

For this LDR couple, the sweetness is cranked to the max even when being interviewed by GMA’s Kara David.

The LDR Couple’s Zoom Interview With Kara David | Photo from Mikey and Bella

Meet Mikey and Bella, a couple who met on the internet and gave love a shot despite their overwhelming distance. Marybell Briones, or Bella, is a native from Oslob, Cebu while Micheal Wentz, or Mikey, is a medical technologist from Washington DC, US.

Mikey met Bella on a dating site in 2018 and the two talked with each other through Instagram. From there, their love started to grow. They first met in person back in 2019 and that is when they really found out that they were made for each other.

Photo from Mikey and Bella

Mikey was supposed to meet Bella once more in 2020 but the pandemic happened and lockdowns become stricter. However, this unfortunate situation may have even propelled their relationship to greater heights of internet stardom as they got interviewed by Kara David for their segment in GMA’s Bright Side.

When Kara David asked Mikey what he found interesting in Bella, he said, “I liked the way she looked… What’s really interesting is how she called herself petite so I checked her height and she said she was only 4’7”. I was like… I just want to talk to her.”

When asked what she liked about Mikey, Bella said, “he’s adventurous and he is also family-oriented.” While on the interview, Mikey suddenly asked Bella to look out the window.

To her shock, she was greeted with an engagement proposal complete with flowers and signs! Mikey even took out a ring and made Bella cry with tears of joy.

Photo from Mikey and Bella
Photo from Mikey and Bella

Now in 2022, the couple is going strong. In their latest video, they met once again and Bella finally received in person her engagement ring.

The pair went on a date in Cebu Ocean Park, and it is evident that plenty more tales will spring from their romantic endeavors together.

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