Doggies being our heroes in real life have been spotted in Masbate City last January 27.

Sure, big alpha dogs are the ones in action but this time it’s a brown adorable dog, Roscoe and a cute little thing, Smile, who saved the day.

Trisha Marie Buri and the whole Buri family have shared in social media and on interviews that Roscoe and Smile were the ones who help them catch the burglar in their home.

“Around 1 a.m., tumatahol at ‘di po mapakali si Smile. Patingin-tingin po siya sa akin at sa pinto ng kwarto. May narinig po ako na footsteps at narinig ko na may binubuksang zipper ng bag sa baba at naisip ko agad ang laptop ni papa, kaya sumigaw agad ako,”

Trisha Marie

They went downstairs but found everything to be normal and seemed okay so they decided to go back upstairs but their dogs started barking. Both Smile and Roscoe didn’t stop barking and Roscoe was immovable.

Trisha also recounts that his father was left with Roscoe downstairs when her father saw that the panel door of the cabinet was slightly open and that when they opened the cabinet, there was a man hiding.

Photo from Trisha Marie Buri

That was when they started shouting and asked help from their neighbors and barangay.

Their house wasn’t the first house that the burglar got into for a phone and sunglasses was discovered under the sink which belonged to their neighbor.

Proud and grateful for their dogs, they see it not just as simple as dog guarding but their furry pets kept their family safe.

Written by the mother of the Buri family in her Facebook post is a grateful heart.

“Salamat Ginoo sa proteksyon kag sa amon duha na hero dogs na wara gaud mag udong pagpaghot hasta na nakita ni Felix ini na tawo sa idarum sa kabinet sa amon lababo. “

Dogs really do take care of us in so many ways we will never expect.

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