It is issue after issue this week for the Filipinos but what made it to the top of our list may be these topics: “GOMBURZA” and “MAJOHA.”

Photo from “A Question of Heroes” Book by Nick Joaquin, 1977

Almost all of us have seen the viral video clips of the recent ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ Teen Housemates Quiz.

The “Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity” housemates were quizzed by TV host-VJ Robi Domingo on a number of Philippine facts and history, and apparently, it’s safe to say that it was alarming how clueless some of them appears on some questions.

It was quite a scene to behold as it clearly revealed the education gaps of this generation.

The answer that took everyone to social media to air their opinions though is “MAJOHA.” This is a made-up word, by the way.

Robi asked Kai Espenido and Gabb Skribikin about the collective name that the three priests Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora are known for, and MAJOHA turned out to be their final answer.

Almost every Filipino learns from Elementary and High school for it to be GOMBURZA.

Gomburza is a collective name of three Filipino Catholic priests who were wrongly accused of being the masterminds behind the Cavite Mutiny of 1872 which lead to their execution by garrote. They were executed on February 17, 1872 by the Spaniards in Bagumbayan, Philippines. Their story and execution have inspired a lot of Filipinos and Filipino heroes then including Dr. Jose Rizal who dedicated his novel El Filibusterismo to them.

This does not end here though as there were other questions on the quiz that they did not get right or seemed to have any idea on.

Here are some of the other questions, their alarming answers and their corresponding right answers:

  • Ano ang tinatawag na “Summer Capital of the Philippines”

Housemate Answer: Intramuros

Correct Answer: Baguio City

  • Sa anong bansag mas kilala ang Filipino General na si Gregorio del Pilar?

Housemate Answer: Gregorio

Correct Answer: Goyo

  • Ang ina ng Katipunan na si Melchora Aquino ay kilala din sa bansag na______?

Housemate Answer: Ninoy Aquino, Nanay ng Bansa

Correct Answer: Tandang Sora

  • Si Dr. Jose Rizal ay kilala s akanyang palayaw na______?

Housemate Answer: J Rizal

Correct Answer: Pepe

  • Anong panglan ng tulay na tinuturing na pinakamahabang tulay sa Pilipinas? (nagdudugtong ng mga pulo ng Leyte at Samar)

Housemate Answer: SLEX

Correct Answer: San Juanico bridge

  • Sina Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos at Jacinto Zamora ay mas kilala sa tawag na____.

(hinatulan ng kamatayan nonong panahon kastila)

Housemate Answer: MARJO, MAJOHA

Correct Answer: GOMBURZA

The host, Robi, can also be seen somehow being frustrated and disappointed during the whole quiz and later stated that:

“Sa una,nakakatawa pero habang tumatagal. Di na nakakatuwa. Sana maging daan ito para makita kung ano ang kakulangan sa sistema ng ating edukasyon. Sa lahat ng content creators, let’s battle #MaJoHa.”

It sure is eye-opening to us and the parents as well. We can only hope that the educational sector would take action on not placing at the bottom the importance of learning our country’s history and facts.

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