When people are asked to picture out bayanihan, most of the time, they’ll think of people lifting a whole house for transfer. At least, that’s what has been shown in Philippine elementary textbooks about history and society.

Photo from westcoastcdn19 on Reddit

But who says that scene is only limited to textbooks and the past generation, when a group of villagers have been reported to have done the same too? In a video by user westcoastcdn19 last February 26, 2023, villagers lifted the whole house of a widower, just so he could live closer to his children.

According to the original post, the grandfather was already living alone, so his children wanted him to live nearby. His relatives wanted to lift his house to move him closer, but it was too heavy for them. Fortunately, some of his came to their rescue and offered to help; the whole lifting took two hours to complete.

The video has received more than 63,000 upvotes and more than 800 comments on Reddit, impressing many netizens by the spirit of bayanihan.

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