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Siargao Island is well recognized for its relaxed atmosphere, gorgeous landscape, and the best surfing beaches in the Philippines. What was once a peaceful, hidden refuge is today a popular tourist spot that has managed to preserve its classic island charm.

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A sanctuary for foodies, Siargao is also brimming with both domestic and foreign eateries, with many of the greatest being found in the General Luna region. This bustling surf town offers a wide variety of cuisines, including vegan food, Siargao specialties, fusion food, and authentic Asian meals.

Here are a few of the Siargao eateries we heartily suggest you check out while you’re there or after a day of exciting Siargao tours:

1. Kurvada

Without a doubt, one of the island’s top local restaurants is Kurvada! It exudes the genuine Siargao feel and has a lovely environment. The cuisine is prepared to be filling, and the atmosphere makes you feel at home.

Their Shawarma bowl, coconut with vanilla ice, and cool mango are a few of their suggested dishes. The experience is finally completed by the bands they also host.

Location: General Luna, Surigao del Norte

2. Kermit’s

Aiming to provide you with an island experience unlike any other, Kermit can be found in the center of the island paradise of Siargao. All of this is done at a reasonable cost.

Aside from offering the island’s greatest Italian food, they nevertheless go out of their way to give visitors a genuine taste of life on the island by offering island tours, surfing lessons, and other activities that support sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Location: Purok 5 Tourism Rd, General Luna, Caraga, Philippines

3. La Carinderia

Stefano Tomasiello, the restaurant’s Italian head chef and owner, and his Filipina wife, Priscilla, founded La Carinderia as a result of Stefano’s passion for the idea of traditional eating at small local cafes in the Philippines, where the restaurant gets its name from.

With its laid-back atmosphere, enjoyable music, warm service, and delicious food made from an Italian fusion with a Filipino twist, La Carinderia is now a tourist favorite. You can dine barefoot on the restaurant’s sandy floor and enjoy the relaxed, island-style ambiance.

Location: Tourism Road, Purok 5, General Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte

4. Bebie’s BBQ

Pig chops, pork belly, and chicken wings are among the best things at Bebie’s BBQ, which also has a strong sense of place. Because their food tastes delicious, as their consumers have said, there is no doubt regarding the quality of their meals as well. Their pricing is reasonable, and they provide some of the island’s greatest pork chops.

Location: Port Area, Borromeo Street, Brgy. Taft, Surigao City, Philippines

5. Shaka Siargao

Shaka is a breakfast restaurant serving food all day that includes healthy substitutes, and it is located in the General Luna municipality. It is also recognized for its inventively presented cold-pressed juices, coffee, tea, smoothie bowls, and other vegetarian and vegan treats.

Shaka, which in Hawaiian and surf culture means “hang loose,” is a greeting gesture in which the thumb and little finger are stretched outward from a closed hand.

Ben Plummer, the proprietor, claimed that he employed this phrase to convey “positive vibes” to his visitors and induce relaxation while they were there.

Location: Cloud 9, General Luna, Surigao Del Norte

6. Harana

The Harana restaurant in Siargao has everything you could ever want. Discover authentic Filipino cuisine, make new friends, unwind on a weekend, or take in live music. The ambiance is a tasteful blend of affluent and carefree in a green and natural setting.

The chicken or pig adobo bowls, shawarma wraps and bowls, and lechon kawali with their homemade Mang Tomas sauce are all must-try delicacies. Try the chicken or pork tocino served with an egg, a salad, and rice for a traditional Filipino breakfast. Bonus points for being located directly in front of Tuason Point, one of Siargao’s most renowned left-handed surf breaks.

Location: Siargao Island, 2 Tuason Point, Brgy, General Luna, Surigao del Norte

7. White Banana

In Siargao, White Banana has quickly become one of the most popular places for mouthwateringly good food and expertly crafted drinks.

Just past the Kalinaw and Siargao Bleu resorts in General Luna, it is hidden away off the main road. It is a stunning open-concept restaurant and bar with access to the beach and the water, though swimming is not recommended owing to the rocks and coral.

According to reports, the menu is diversified in what it offers, and meat-loving friends find the food to be tasty and come back a few more times. The top-notch cocktails and the wall of gins and other spirits demonstrate a genuine appreciation of mixology.

Location: Tourism Rd. Tuason Beach, Brgy. Catangnan, General Luna, Surigao del Norte

8. Siago

Expect nothing less than a pleasant surprise for your palate, from specialty coffee blends to handmade cocktails. For the ideal drink or two to enjoy as the sun sets, Siago’s bar is loaded with a variety of booze and wine.

Their restaurant blends traditional Filipino cuisines with worldwide influences and cutting-edge innovation, drawing inspiration from the cuisine of Central and South America. Siago’s menu pays homage to memories of home and our travels while remaining simple, elegant, and bursting with flavor.

Location: Purok V, Tourism Rd., General Luna, Surigao Del Norte, Siargao Island

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