While Bohol is mostly known for the Chocolate Hills and various other monuments on land, what a lot of people don’t know is that it also has vibrant bodies of water. This makes Bohol an excellent spot for freediving, an activity you can add onto your list if you ever plan on going here. 

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Explore this comprehensive guide to Bohol’s best freediving spots, and use your feet for something other than walking when you drop by this beautiful region of the country.

1. Napaling Crack

Location: Reef of Kalikasan Resort, Tangnan Bohol

Situated at a 25-meter depth, the Napaling Crack has earned the title of being the most famous freediving spot in Bohol. Aside from its stunning coral wall and the crack it is mostly known for, it offers another mesmerizing charm, with it being a home to schools of sardines that will swim with you as you explore the underwater paradise.

Photo from Panglao Watersport and Tours

How to Get There:

20km ride from Alona Beach with a one-day motorcycle rental or TukTuk ride

You may book your freediving session here: https://www.panglaotours.com/product/freediving-tour-napaling-panglao-sardines/

2. Balicasag Island

Location: Panglao, Bohol

If you’re specifically looking for encounters with sea turtles, schools of jacks, barracudas, and a myriad of other marine wonders in your free dive, then Balicasag Island is the perfect place for you. Here, you will see The Black Forest, which is a sanctuary of multiple coral formations. During your dive, hypnotize yourself with the allure of diverse reef inhabitants. There is so much to see in Balicasag Island that is best experienced in the actual place.

Photo from Guide to the Philippines
Photo from Guide to the Philippines

How to Get There:

Boat ride, 1-hour duration from Alona Beach

You may book your freediving session here: https://www.viator.com/en-IN/Balicasag-Island-tours/Freediving/d51643-tag21458

3. Lila Whaleshark

Location: Lila, Bohol

Dive with sea giants with Lila Whaleshark. You’re in for a unique and exciting underwater experience with this diving spot, giving you the mermaid experience as you swim with whalesharks. Choosing this comes with stricter rules for the safety of both you and the whalesharks, but it is definitely a choice worth picking. 

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How to Get There:

1-hour travel time from Panglao to Dauis

You may book your freediving session here: https://www.viator.com/Cebu/d5172-ttd/p-20200P831?m=63845&supag=123417401968&supsc=dsa-694098304204&supai=660587953416&supdv=m&supnt=g&suplp=1011159&supli=&supti=dsa-694098304204&tsem=true&supci=dsa-694098304204&supap1=&supap2=&gad_source=1&gbraid=0AAAAAD-gbd7XWVgDBFB_AM2CWKUl7u5K1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIisDMi6C0gwMVTm59Ch0X4gDeEAAYAiAAEgK5dPD_BwE

4. #Freediving in Dauis Bohol

Location: Dauis, Bohol

The freediving in Dauis may be more challenging than some, but it is still one worth choosing because of how beautiful this spot is. You’re in for an adventure with Dauis’ mesmerizing cerulean hue, and while it is not as popular as other freediving spots, you’ll still get to enjoy the serenity of your experience along with what you find in your underwater encounter. 

How to Get There:

1-hour away from Panglao Island, best combined with a visit to Lila Whaleshark

You may book your freediving session here: https://zaubee.com/biz/blue-freedom-apnea-freediving-club-gh5pa79m

5. Estaca Reef

Location: 15-minute boat ride from Virgin Island

If the Virgin Island is one spot in your itinerary, then this is the perfect diving destination for you to pick. Estaca Reef is known for its thriving aquatic ecosystem which you will see for yourself if you choose this spot. Stun yourself with an abundant view of various coral reefs and swim with the marine life in Estaca. 

Photo from Trip Advisor

How to Get There:

Visit during a boat trip from Virgin Island

You may book your freediving session here: https://deepstart.app/en

While freediving is a challenging activity to partake in, it sure is one that is highly rewarding. If you’re ever in Bohol, consider these spots in the list to visit and embark on an experience which you will remember for a really long time.

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