Aya’s Hill is a beautiful destination perfect for a casual stroll. Its stunning aesthetics are very inviting to kids and adults alike as they have sightings for everyone to adore. According to one of the posts on their page, the name “Aya” is a Japanese name which means colorful and beautiful. This truly sets the tone for what visitors can look forward to going into this local spot.

Photo from Aya’s Hill Official Facebook Page

Aya’s Hill doubles as a park and a dining experience, as no place that requires a lot of walking and gazing is ever complete without food. What Aya Hills offers is a place where visitors can take strolls and simply immerse themselves in the beauty of the many trees and plants surrounding the place, as well as tower-like figures that light up at night. 

Photo from Aya’s Hill Official Facebook Page
Photo from Aya’s Hill Official Facebook Page

The attractions at Aya’s Hills include the following:

  • Butterfly Sanctuary

Here, you can wander through a beautiful butterfly sanctuary where butterflies naturally mesh together with the greens surrounding the entire place. This colorful display elevates the place so much and guarantees visitors a mesmerizing experience with what lives in Aya Hills beyond the location itself.

  • Kids’ Playground

If you have a kid, this is the perfect place to let them enjoy their childhood with Aya’s Hill’s playground. Not only are the adults the only ones having a good time here, but the children as well.

  • Dinosaur Park

Kids can also transport themselves to prehistoric times with Aya’s Hill’s dinosaur park. Here, children can look at human-sized dinosaur replicas which can spark so much of their curiosity, leading to an educational experience. It’s also simply fun to look at dinosaurs.

Dining Experience

You cannot go hungry with Aya’s Hill’s scrumptious menu that is packed with a wide variety of options in Filipino cuisine. Opening at 6 AM, you can indulge in Filipino breakfast favorites such as budbud and sikwate, as well as breakfast rice meals. The breakfast menu consists of silog meals, including corned beef-silog, hotsilog, longsilog, and tocilog, and for those craving for something sweet, they also have puto maya with mangoes.

Photo from Aya’s Hill Official Facebook Page
Photo from Aya’s Hill Official Facebook Page
Photo from Aya’s Hill Official Facebook Page

The serene atmosphere Aya’s Hill offers definitely enhances both your exploration and your dining experience. With a number of their attractions like Merlion fountains, everything aligns to dot the landscape, creating the perfect backdrop for your photos, and the perfect place your family and friends can spend time in.

Photo from Aya’s Hill Official Facebook Page

Other Information:


Exact location: Bitanhuan, Baybay, Philippines


BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Aya’s Hill.”

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