Amidst the azure waters of the Central Visayas region in the Philippines, lies the island of Siquijor. Known as the “Island of Fire,” Siquijor offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a rich tapestry of folklore and spirituality. Whether you seek stunning beaches, lush forests, vibrant festivals, or enchanting tales, Siquijor promises an unforgettable journey into a world of wonder.

Let’s take you on a journey to uncover the enigma of this beautiful island, where legends come alive and the extraordinary is just an ordinary part of everyday life.

1. Salagdoong Beach

Nestled on the captivating island of Siquijor, Salagdoong Beach beckons travelers with its pristine shores, turquoise waters, and enchanting beauty. Renowned for its picture-perfect landscapes and a wide array of outdoor activities, Salagdoong Beach offers visitors an exceptional tropical getaway. 

Whether you seek to destress on sun-kissed sands or thrilling adventures in the crystal-clear ocean, this hidden gem in Siquijor promises an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Entrance Fee: ₱30 per person

2. Balete Tree

Deep in the heart of the enchanting island of Siquijor, stands a magnificent and revered ancient tree known as the Balete Tree. With its sprawling roots, eerie ambience, and rich folklore, the Balete Tree has become a symbol of mystery and intrigue. 

Embarking on a journey to this mystical landmark allows visitors to immerse themselves in the fascinating legends and natural wonders that Siquijor has to offer.

Entrance Fee: ₱20 per person

3. Mount Bandilaan

This peak stands tall as a majestic symbol of nature and tranquillity. Considered as the highest point on Siquijor, this lush mountain offers visitors a serene escape and a chance to witness the island’s breathtaking landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and spiritual significance. 

Mount Bandilaan is truly an experience that combines adventure, spirituality, and stunning panoramic views.

Entrance Fee: Free

4. Cambugahay Falls

Tucked away in the rich forests of Siquijor, Cambugahay Falls is a testament to the island’s natural beauty. With its dreamy waters, cascading tiers, and calm surroundings, this amazing waterfall has become a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a refreshing and beautiful escape. 

The place is not only a visual feast but also an opportunity to unwind, swim, and reconnect with nature in an undeniably relaxing setting.

  • Entrance Fee: ₱20 per person
  • Parking area: ₱20
  • Life vest rental: ₱100
  • Diving charge: ₱50

5. Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach awaits travellers with its unspoiled beauty and hushed atmosphere. This hidden gem offers a peaceful retreat where visitors can bask in the soft sands, swim in luminous waters, and soak in the natural splendor of Siquijor. 

The place is a paradise for those seeking relaxation, picturesque landscapes, and a true escape from the chaos of everyday life.

Entrance Fee: Free

6. Guiwanon Spring Park

Guiwanon Spring Park stands as an ecological wonder that combines its sublime nature with a commitment to environmental preservation. This special park showcases the island’s rich biodiversity, abundant mangrove forests, and quiet spring waters. 

The place offers an immersive experience in nature, educational insights into mangrove ecosystems, and a chance to support sustainable tourism practices.

Entrance Fee: ₱10 per person

Siquijor, with its magical and dreamy atmosphere, will forever remain etched in our hearts as a testament to the extraordinary wonders that await those who dare to explore.

Traveling Around Siquijor

  • By motorbike
  • For a single tourist, a great way to visit the famous spots is to charter a motorcycle. The places are far apart and missing a single spot would not complete the vacation. You have to shoulder the fuel for the ride.
  • By tricycle
  • For a group of 3, hire a tricycle to tour the island. The driver has a map where to take you or you can customize one.

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