Discovery Samal is definitely a place to discover, and one whose beauty you can only fully grasp if you come to witness it yourself. This resort can be encapsulated with one word – luxury. From its architecture, interiors, and the plethora of facilities they offer, you know it’s something you don’t see everyday.

From their villas and suites, culinary delights, different aquatic activities, function rooms, and other recreational outlets, you surely won’t run out of things to do in this tropical gem with its greater-than-life facilities, and the strategic location of the resort which allows you to truly immerse yourself within our diverse ecosystem.

Discovery Samal’s Villas and Suites

Of course, one of the features that really make Discovery Samal is their set of villas and suites. From executive suites, to their one-bedroom villa, you cannot lose because each of them carry their own unique semblance of the luxury you came there for.

Take their three-bedroom villa, for example. It is located above the beach club, giving you a beautiful view of the entire resort from the vantage point of your private pool. Their two-bedroom villa, on the other hand, gives you the utmost privacy with your private terrace and private pool. If you’re feeling lazy, you can really just stay in your own villa, and it’d still be a vacation.

For those who want something simple, you can opt for Discovery Samal’s one-bedroom villa, which gives you a smart TV, a full-set living room and a mini bar at arm’s reach.

The following are other options for their suites and villas:

  • Junior Suite
  • Premier Junior Suite
  • Executive Suite Garden
  • Executive Suite Beach
  • Samal Suite
  • Executive Suite Premier
  • One Bedroom Suite
  • One Bedroom Suite Premier
  • One Bedroom Villa
  • Two Bedroom Villa
  • Three Bedroom Villa
  • Grand Signature Suite

Restaurants at Discovery Samal

Because of the size of this resort, it is fair for them to have such a wide set of options of restaurants for people to choose from. Each of these restaurants also serve a different purpose and cater to a specific taste. For example, they have the Haribar Lounge where you can have the best cocktails in the world. These plus the light snacks available are literal heaven.

If you want to savor fresh seafood sourced and caught locally, Morning Catch is the perfect restaurant for you. Not only are their dishes perfectly cooked, but the restaurant is also located somewhere you can have an amazing view of the beach, allowing you to both see, smell, and eat the sea.

Having to check some emails, catch up on a little bit of work, you may crave somewhere quiet, and somewhere you can sip a nice cup of coffee. In Discovery Samal, Garden City Cafe is the place for this. According to Discovery Samal, it offers “a freshly brewed selection of local coffee for the experience of unique flavors and aromas of the local region.”

Some of the other restaurants in the resort include the following:

  • The Shoreline
  • Pool Bar
  • The Bistro

Aquatic Adventures

Some of us don’t want a chill vacation, and luckily, Discovery Samal remains a place that caters to adrenaline junkies as well. At Coral Gardens in Talicud Island, you can snorkel your heart out and discover the thriving ecosystem in the area. 

Both an adventure site and a wildlife conservation center, The Monfort Bat Cave is perfect for those who want to feel the thrill of going into a cave to look at animals in an environment meant to protect them. The area takes good care of the population of these bats exactly because they play a vital role in seed dispersal and pollination, aside from the mere preservation of species of course.

Moreover, you may visit Vanishing Island at Sanipaan Marine Park if you want to witness the recession and resurgence of the water, moving dynamically within the island. It is definitely a view to witness, and something you don’t want to miss if you come to the resort.

Function Rooms

With the perfection of Discovery Samal’s interior and its structure, it is crystal clear that this place will deliver during business gatherings or any other event you can think about holding in the area.

There are five function rooms in the resort with state-of-the-art equipment that will ensure the success and smooth flow of your event. Moreover, there are staff that can help you hold your event, guaranteeing that your guests or members will have a stay and experience filled with warmth and hospitality.

The following are their meetings and events rooms:

  • Caracoles Convention Center
  • Hugyaw
  • Pangapog
  • Madayaw
  • Kaputian

Recreation and Wellness

Whether you came here for business or to spend time with loved ones, it can still be nice to engage in activities that will either allow you to relax or enjoy. There are different areas in the resort you can opt for, with one of them being the sandbox. Here, you can leave your child to play with toys present in the area so you can work on other things.

You may also try the water sports offered in the resort such as the crystal kayaking and paddle boarding. Feel the thrill of seeing the clear water below you through the transparent kayak, or feel the breeze run through if you go paddle boarding!

There are numerous beach clubs and pool areas in the resort as well, so you can always choose between the following if you wish to experience any of them:

  • White Sand Beach
  • The Beach Club
  • Beach Club Swimming Pool
  • Villa Swimming Pool
  • Hotel Swimming Pool
  • Sandbox
  • Mindanao Pavilion
  • Water Sports – Crystal Kayak, Paddle Board

The amount of work and passion that was put into Discovery Samal can truly be seen and felt when you step foot in the resort. There is no place more perfect to have a luxurious break from the ordinary in. For a good time, book your stay at Discovery Samal now!



  • Three-Bedroom Villa: ₱70,800 per night
  • Two-Bedroom Villa: ₱59,300 per night
  • One-Bedroom Suite: ₱24,300 per night
  • Executive Suite: ₱22,300 per night
  • One-Bedroom Villa: ₱12,810 per night



Exact location: Limao, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte

BY BUS: There are small boats and ferries that travel to the island from the ff. wharfs/ports: Sta. Ana Wharf, Sasa Wharf, KM 11 Wharf. Buses are also an alternative as they carry passengers from Sasa Wharf to Kaputian and other destinations in the island.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Discovery Samal” in Davao.

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