Located at Almeria, Biliran, Agta Beach Resort is the island life you’ve been looking for! Beautiful beaches sprinkled with mini-adventures in the form of scuba diving, delicious cuisine, and a vibe that’s hard to match ensure a smooth and unforgettable experience! 

Discover the Meaning of an Island Life

Beautiful sceneries, that wonderful sea smell, and the sound of the ocean waves lapping across the shore. These are what will greet you once you step foot on Agta Beach Resort. The place’s picturesque skylines offer unparalleled opportunities to relax and unwind under the gorgeous sun, while various aquatic activities allow you to destress and have fun.

Photo from Biliran Tourism – Biliran Island
Photo from Biliran Tourism – Biliran Island
Photo from Biliran Tourism – Biliran Island

Underwater Adventures

Agta Beach Resort is the premier scuba destination for hobbyists and professionals alike at Biliran! With beginner scuba programs to courses that teach you all the basics you’ll need, exploring the underwater world has never been this fun! You’ll be met with tranquil waters to play around in, as well as amazingly curious and colorful reefs and sea creatures.

Photo from Biliran Tourism – Biliran Island
Photo from Biliran Tourism – Biliran Island

Room for Everyone

The resort has tons of beautifully simple yet functional rooms that are perfect for you and your loved ones to stay at while you’re out and about. With their wide range of accommodations, cozy days lazing about the resort and restful nights to recover for tomorrow are to be had! 

Photo from Booking.com

If you’ve ever wanted a complete package of amazing destinations and a packed aquatic itinerary to boot, then Agta Beach Resort is the perfect place to be! Come over to Biliran and experience the perfect island life.



  • Adult: ₱100
  • Children (1 to 12 years old): ₱50


  • Massage: ₱300/hr
  • Kayak: ₱200 (₱100 per succeeding hour)
  • Paddle Board: ₱200 (₱100 per succeeding hour)
  • Snorkeling Set: ₱200 for first 3 hours (₱50 per succeeding hour)
  • Discover Scuba Diving (DSD): ₱2500 (with boat)
  • Fun Dive: ₱800 (without gear rental), ₱1,800 (with gear rental)
  • Open Water Course: ₱13,000 (gear, air tanks, manual)
  • Bubble Maker: ₱3,000


  • Madison: ₱2,500 per night, good for 2 persons
  • Cottage Rooms: ₱1,200 per night, good for 2 persons
  • Dorm Rooms: ₱400 pax/night, good for 8 persons
  • Escuba Rooms: ₱3,500 per night, good for 6 persons

Additional persons are for ₱400 each.



Exact location: Almeria, Biliran, Philippines


BY CAR: From Tacloban City, navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Agta Beach Resort” in Almeria, Biliran. Parking space is available.

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