Just one day after their wedding, something terrible happened…

Photo from Jan Beng Campaner

A groom in Zamboanga del Sur shocked his family after losing his memory just one day after his wedding; he cannot remember his wife, children, nor his past self. He was confused and could not recognize his new wife. Family members quickly took him to the hospital where doctors said he had retrograde amnesia. This type of amnesia makes people forget things that happened before the memory loss.

Photo from Jan Beng Campaner

The bride is very sad and heartbroken. “Our wedding was perfect, but the next day he looked at me like he had never seen me before, she said.

The story behind why the groom had an amnesia…

Photo from Jan Beng Campaner

At Beng’s house, there was a big fight between her family and Jan’s mother. Jan’s mother never liked Beng because of  her past relationship. Despite this, Jan and Beng’s love for each other lead them to marriage.

During the heated argument, Jan got very upset and he hit his head hard on the floor, causing him to lose consciousness and have seizures. This resulted in a serious brain injury, leading to sudden amnesia.

Doctors are starting treatments to help the groom get his memory back as there are times when people with this kind of amnesia do start to remember things over time. The community in Zamboanga del Sur is showing a lot of support.

Even though this is a very hard time, Beng remains hopeful. She loves Jan and believes their bond will help them get through this. As the family deals with this unexpected event, they are trying to make new happy memories while waiting for the old ones to come back.

Photo from Jan Beng Campaner

This situation reminds us all how important marriage is. It will not be defined by the size of your struggles but by the size of your commitment to overcome the struggles together.

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