Mysterious packages delivered to nowhere, bright lights caught via satellite images of Japanese companies, and disappearances of locals – that’s some of the stories about Biringan.

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The Westerns have Atlantis, while Colombians have El Dorado, but they are both missing places. According to legends, they were real cities that sank deep into the ocean due to a natural phenomenon. And that’s where they differ from Biringan City in Samar because it is not lost nor missing, nor eaten by the earth; instead, it is a place intentionally made invisible to the common folk by its own residents: the faire folk.

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The City Of Gold

Locals kept stories of Biringan alive, even until this generation. They believed that there were seven portals that would bring you to Biringan. Most portals are through old trees that stand taller than most in a group, such as one in a famous university and a pair of oak trees in Pagsanghan.

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Folklore has it that Biringan is filled with advanced technology and high-rise buildings. Imagine a sci-fi world with flying cars but with Hunger Games Capitol-like people. There is even one urban legend surrounding a girl named “Carolina” who allegedly sent a letter to her parents telling them that she’s contended with where she resides: Biringan City. It was rumored that Carolina became one of Biringan’s princesses and served as the spy and recruiter of humans to bring to the city.

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The Hunt For Gold

There were reports about a Japanese group that saw in their satellite images bright shimmering lights in San Jorge, Samar. They suspected there could be rich sources of uranium and gold in the area, so they immediately started working.

However, they were unsuccessful because various accidents kept happening such as their equipment malfunctioning every single day, seemingly hindering them from reaching their goal. So, they packed up and closed the operation.

The City Of The Lost

Contrary to the golden, shining, glorious skyscrapers believed by locals, Biringan also has a dark history related to lost people.

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According to legends, inhabitants of Biringan sometimes take fondness of the locals or any person they find attractive and gifted. Once an enchanted Biringan folk likes you, be prepared for a dangerous trip ahead, as it can either be a great adventure of a lifetime or your immediate end where you won’t get to return to the human world.

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Locals have reported that those invited to Biringan and successfully returned to the human world usually wake up under large oak trees.

There were even instances where delivery trucks were routed to a specific area in Samar, but when they arrived at the pinned location, there’s nothing except for a bunch of trees and rivers. However, since they have to follow orders and instructions stated on the large parcels, they will leave the items at the indicated address, and once they look back, the parcels are gone. Most items that gets delivered were automotive and furniture pieces!

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