Boss Toyo is most famously known for his dealings with celebrity memorabilia on his ‘Pinoy Pawnstars’ page, with one of his famous transactions being the newly separated loveteam of Kathniel’s sports car, and a purchase offer of about ₱8,000,000 for the late-great rapper Francis Magalona’s collection. Talk about pricey!

Photo from Boss Toyo on Facebook

His real name is Jayson Luzadas, a 42-year-old businessman-turned-rapper from Cavite who was the most recently recruited talent by Blvck Entertainment. He coined the stage name ‘Boss Toyo’ himself, and although he did not explain why that was the name he chose, the Filipino expression ‘may toyo sa utak’ generally means someone crazy.

Photo from Boss Toyo on Facebook

Most people would infer that Boss Toyo got his wealth from his song royalties, but the truth is that he is a self-made businessman. He spoke about his humble beginnings reselling watches – how he wanted a hands-on touch on his business, so he sometimes traveled on trains for hours on end to personally deliver the items to his customers. 

In a recent Facebook post, he details the many hardships he had to endure by buying watches from Cavite and then traveling to Manila to sell them at a slightly marked-up price. He did this over and over until watch merchants trusted him, with his grit and consistency, with products amounting to the thousands – and then the millions! 

Facebook post from Boss Toyo on Facebook
Photo from Boss Toyo on Facebook

His commitment even went so far as to skip taking meals whilst on his deliveries to save up on the small amount of cash it took to buy one. Truly an inspiring example for many young entrepreneurs!

Photo from Boss Toyo on Facebook

It’s safe to say that his story isn’t one of luck but of pure determination, wits, and, most of all, consistency. Boss Toyo continues to inspire the Pinoys through the different shows he posts on his social media profiles.

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