Laguitas in Malabalay City is about to become a community hub with the progress its Bukidnon Sports & Cultural Complex is making as of February 2024. With tons of facilities and amenities already taking shape, it’s no wonder the population is eagerly waiting for the site’s completion!

Photo from Project LUPAD

The gymnasium was the first facility reported to be completed and operational, with a seating capacity of 3,000 capable of housing badminton, basketball, and martial arts events within. The site’s completion is going to be such an amazing boon to its people, opening the city up to so many possible sports in the future. 

Photo from Project LUPAD
Photo from Project LUPAD

Here are some of the other facilities and their construction status:

  • Auditorium – ongoing
  • Aqautic Center – ongoing
  • Stadium – ongoing
  • Open Parking Space – to start
  • Tennis Courts – to start
  • Dormitory – to start
  • Open field – ongoing
  • Museum – ongoing
Photo from Project LUPAD

This just goes to show the amount of thought and planning that went into the city’s overall development, as even a stadium and a museum are slated to be under construction shortly, turning the city into a beacon for events and sports, and highlighting the city’s progress towards the future!

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