With scenery worthy of a 5-star, the Captain’s Peak Gardens and Resort can top any other vacation place in Sagbayan, Bohol. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a gigantic expression of love, as the establishment sports a large heart structure that frames the picturesque Chocolate Hills surrounding the resort. Their rooms and amenities are also budget-friendly for its prime spot; however, a content creator’s 360-degree video of the resort sparked unfavorable remarks from concerned citizens.

Photo from Dr. Richard and Erika Mata on Facebook
Photo from Dr. Richard and Erika Mata on Facebook

“A sight sore, proof of corruption, and an insult to the ecosystem’ – are some of the netizens’ comments this morning, March 13, as a video posted by one content creator on Facebook reached the social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

On March 6, 2024, the content creator shared an in-depth review of The Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort in Sagbayan, Bohol. The resort prides itself on being one-of-a-kind due to its location in the middle of the famous Bohol Chocolate Hills.

For the untrained eye, it can seem enticing to book a room at the said resort, especially for tourists who would want to wake up to the view of the natural monument that is the Chocolate Hills. But, for those who know about the importance of monument preservation and ecosystem protection, it became obvious that the establishment crossed a line and failed to adhere to the Republic Act No. 7586.

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RA 7586 focuses on preserving the environment and the Philippines’ biodiversity. In 1992, President Aquino signed the bill as the NIPAS Act, or the National Integrated Protected Areas System, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) supported it.

Considering DENR being the prime governing body to oversee RA 7586 continually, netizens targeted their wrath on them and the local government units (LGU) of Bohol for failure to consider the repercussions of building the resort within the Chocolate Hills. Netizens declared that the structure destroys the natural beauty and historical significance of one of the Philippine’s most iconic tourist attractions.

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As concerned Filipino citizens, it is our duty to stand and speak up to protect our natural heritage sites. If gaining more tourists and offering more vacation options is the goal, then we must ensure that our modern ideas will not stomp on our historical wonders. The Chocolate Hills is a treasure that Boholanos and all Filipinos must aim to preserve.

So, the question remains: Should we boycott Captain’s Peak Garden and Resorts and urge them to relocate their business or let the DENR and Bohol LGUs state their explanations regarding their decisions to permit the building of the resort’s structures?

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