With a municipality as underrated as Caraga in Davao, you can only expect a plethora of surprises just lying beneath the covers. What Caraga has to offer is a diverse set of attractions that can catch the eyes of any traveler, history buff, or anyone interested enough in various regions in the Philippines beyond what makes the headlines.

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If you’re an adrenaline junkie or simply someone who likes to explore different bodies of water, Caraga is just as worthy to check out as much as Cebu, Palawan, and others.

  • Kyabatangan Falls

Bumpy rides are enough to put off a lot of people, but to some, they can be something that makes a trip more memorable because of the adventure that comes with the challenge. The multi-tiered Kyabatangan Falls may have slippery trails, but the site to see is jaw-dropping. The 25-30 foot cascade welcomes you into a pool that will make you feel like you’re in another world. The hospitable locals also make the stay a lot more worthwhile.

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  • Agosais Falls

Out of 40 waterfalls that reside in Caraga, Agosais Falls stands out among the mesmerizing bodies of water. Just like Kyabatangan Falls, travelers can expect a wonderful experience that will reconnect them to nature. 

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  • Kapuka Falls

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then this is an excellent choice for your Caraga itinerary. Kapuka Falls offers a thrilling escapade, with it standing over 160 feet. While the way through might prove challenging with its slipper trails, boulder scrambling, and river crossings, the beautiful view and the refreshing pool of water at the bottom of the falls make this trek all the more rewarding.

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  • Pusan Point

Pusan Point is where the sun rises first. Located in the easternmost part of the country, Pusan Point first gained recognition during the first sunrise of the millennium. Making the most out of its geographical location, now it is home to a sundial, an amphitheater, a lighthouse, and a cross, giving tourists the perfect vantage point to gaze at where the Pacific Ocean meets the Philippines.

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  • Batinao’s Haven

If you’re more into rivers, you might want to check out the crystal-clear waters of Batinao’s Heaven in Barangay PM Sobrecarey. They also have cottages available for day trippers, making this the perfect spot for swimming in its cooling waters and for having a picnic with your friends. 

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  • San Luis Surfing Beach

You don’t have to go to Siargao to experience a beachgoers’ paradise – surfing, powdery sands, and consistent swells. On the shoreline of Caraga’s Pacific Ocean, you can find San Luis Surfing Beach, which caters to surfers of every skill level. Local surfers also offer lessons for beginners, and you don’t even have to bring your own surfboard since board rentals are available.

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  • Pantad Tidal Pool

High tides can be intimidating. Luckily, here, Pantad Beach is home to hidden tidal pools during the low tide, the perfect spot for those who can’t swim all that well but still want to experience what the sea can offer.  As the waves recede, you can witness the tidal pools firsthand, which nature enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate. 

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  • Mabiga Beach

Home to Villa Mabiga Resort and Elah Moana, you’re guaranteed a comfortable and relaxing stay here at Mabiga Beach. With its stretch of white sand and beautiful waters, you can have an enjoyable swim with Instagrammable backdrops, either under a tree or on a hammock.

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Cultural Hotspots in Caraga

Caraga is also a host to other hotspots that aren’t beaches and waterfalls, with its rich cultural background and a history that is present in every place you visit. Here, you can get to know Caraga’s culture and learn about its traditions that may look very different from your own. Learning these can be both a fun and educational experience!

  • Caraga Central Elementary School

Caraga Central Elementary School is one of the last remaining Gabaldon School Buildings. Gabaldon School Buildings, or simply Gabaldons, are heritage school buildings built during the American occupation of the Philippines. Their architecture reflects traditional Filipino buildings such as the ‘bahay kubo’ or ‘bahay na bato.’ 

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  • San Salvador del Mundo Parish

Built in 1877, the Salvador del Mundo Parish is the oldest Catholic church in Mindanao. It was first built by the Jesuits during the Spanish Occupation of the Philippines and, in 2012, was declared as a National Historic Site. It’s made of limestone blocks, which are characteristic of Spanish-era churches, and features exquisite artifacts such as old statues of saints and an inscription on the church’s main door bearing a symbol of Jesus Christ.

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  • Mandaya Ethnic Group in Sitio Sangab

Visit Sitio Sangab, home of the Mandaya tribe, and immerse in their local culture, where you will be able to witness exquisite Dagmay fabrics and other traditional crafts, as well as enjoy a wonderful homestay experience in their traditional Mandaya homes.

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Getting to Caraga, Davao Oriental

You can book a flight to the nearest airport in Davao City and then drive for four hours through Tagum and Mati City to Caraga.

Caraga in Davao Oriental is truly a wonderful experience that’ll prove to be an unforgettable one. You’ll be able to dive deep into some of Mindanao’s historical and cultural treasures. Book a flight and enjoy your stay!

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