The trending Coco Martin look-alike was apparently fake!

Photo from LutongKahoyBoys

Filipino netizens were going crazy over an alleged Coco Martin look-alike in Argao, Cebu. As a testament to its popularity, the post even gained hundreds of thousands of views, shares, and reactions. However, the video was discovered to be fake!

The Scary Power of AI

Photo from LutongKahoyBoys

As society has made significant technological advancements, the development of artificial intelligence has also attained high-level upgrades. Recently, it has been revealed that AI can already analyze your personal preferences, behaviors, and information to predict what you might want. There were also reports that AI can allegedly do an almost perfect face-swapping!

It Was Fake!

After the post went viral, many netizens pointed out that something was odd with the video. They have long noticed that a man with the same tattoo as the alleged Coco Martin look-alike was captured and posted. However, the captured photo bore no resemblance to Coco Martin at all.

Photo from LutongKahoyBoys
Screengrab from LutongKahoyBoys

Later, the creators posted an update of the screenshots of the video. However, the posted images were captioned “Made with AI,” hinting that the man’s resemblance to Coco Martin was manipulated with Artificial Intelligence. However, they did not reveal which AI-manipulating app they used to manipulate the video. The creators also reportedly admitted that the video was actually fake!

AI is becoming more advanced, and it is already scary. Hence, it is important to enhance our observation skills further and equip ourselves with the knowledge that might help us discern between real things and stuff manipulated using artificial intelligence.

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