Who let the dogs out? BARK!

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Bark Air, an airline specializing in transporting dogs with their humans, is facing a lawsuit from the New York local officials due to them allegedly breaking Westchester County’s airport rules. Although the airline has a private terminal, they failed to meet the nine-seater rule.

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According to Westchester Airport’s private terminal policy, company planes operating at the airport should only be those with nine or fewer seats, while the ones with a higher number should be at the commercial terminal.

Photo from air.bark.co

Bark Air Barked Back

Despite Westchester County gearing up to take legal action against Bark Air and its charter company, Talon Air, the airline’s website presents a strong disclaimer. According to their site, Bark Air operates Gulfstream G5s, which typically accommodate 12 to 16 passengers. However, these planes are uniquely customized to transport up to 15 dogs along with their human companions. As a result, Bark Air limits ticket sales to no more than 10, prioritizing the comfort and safety of both the furry and human travelers.

Photo from air.bark.co

Bark Air’s spokesperson gave a comment and reassured their clients that, “we don’t believe this will impact our operations.”

Photo from air.bark.co

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