Most of the time, they don’t mean well.

Have you ever had that eerie feeling when you call out to someone, and they seem to not hear you at all, or when you spot someone who looks uncannily like a friend but with a mysterious vibe? Well, you might have just encountered a doppelganger – a fascinating phenomenon where someone’s double or identical twin appears unexpectedly.

What Is A Doppelganger?

A doppelganger refers to a phenomenon where someone or something appears to be an exact copy or duplicate of a person. Unlike twins, who are born together and share the same genetic makeup, doppelgangers are not linked to the individual they resemble.

Stories of Doppelgangers

We asked a few people to share their experiences related to encounters with doppelgangers, and here are some of them:

Lee, 26 years old

At the age of 8, Lee was playing “Hide & Seek” with her cousins and friends at sunset. “I remember I was the hago, and so I have to look for those who were hiding. I found the other 2 but was still looking for Vince, my first cousin,” recalled Lee. “I went to a building nearby where the tiny gate was open leading to a dark staircase because it was already night time. I saw Vince standing there, at the top of the first level!” Confident in her discovery, Lee called out in triumph, but her victory soon turned to confusion as Vince disappeared before her eyes, leaving her to chase after him to the second floor. However, upon reaching the top, she found no trace of him, only to realize later that the real Vince had never left their hiding spot behind their home. This eerie encounter defies explanation, leaving Lee to ponder the existence of doppelgangers or otherworldly entities that may inhabit the shadows of our world.

Rach, 40 years old

“I was 19 and it was around 5 in the morning,” shared Rach. “I wanted a glass of water. So, I went down to our living room and fetched some. While I was drinking, there was someone who knocked on the door.” Rach decided to check on who knocked and saw that it was her uncle. “I was shocked to see him because their family lived far away and it was still early morning. I remember asking him why he visited but he did not give any response,” she said. “I sensed that he wanted to come inside so I stepped back and welcomed him in. He immediately nodded at me and went up the stairs; I followed him and poof he was gone!” As she recalled, Rach woke her mother up and then when 6AM came, the phone rang; it was from her aunt who told them the news about her uncle’s passing at 5AM of the same day.

What Happens When You Meet Your Doppelganger?

In German lore, and even in other cultures, doppelgangers are considered bad luck and they usually wear black. While in Filipino superstitions, it is believed that when you meet your doppelganger, you, the original one, will have to find a way to make the double disappear since he may take over your life if you fail to do so. Also, it is a common myth that illnesses and death are at bay when you meet the doppelganger, so it’s either you ran towards the copy and kill him, or you run away to avoid the misfortunes.

What do you think about doppelgangers? Share it to us below!

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