Balut is not just a delicacy in the Philippines, but also the island where one potentially active volcano is located!

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Located in the very tip of Davao Occidental, Balut Island is one the rare gems of the region. It is named after its form, looking like an egg, specifically a Balut egg. From an aerial point of view, the island takes the form of an egg wherein its heart serves as the yolk and its expanded sands are the white parts of the egg.

Balut Island is a wonderful place to visit, and here’s why:  

1. Summit trekking

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Hiking and trekking up to the peak or summit of the Balut volcano is allowed since there had been no eruptions ever recorded in the history of the island. Aside from that, because it is the southernmost part of the Philippines, you’d also get to enjoy a majestic view of the skies both at night and during daytime. The Polaris and Magellanic clouds can be seen clearly up the mountain!

2. Hot springs

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Balut Island is home to a volcano, which means that there are hot springs that you can take a dip into! The most famous one is the Sabang Hot Springs where you can unwind and wait for the warm natural water to wrap you in therapy.

3. Pink sand beaches

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Barbie would love Balut Island especially since it is just a few moments away from the beach with pink sands! The reason why the sands are in a different hue is due to the crushed red corals mixing with the white sand.

4. Beautiful seascape

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Make sure to bring your snorkeling gear with you because Balut Island is a hotspot for diverse marine life. You can find clown fishes, turtles, sea cucumbers, and other species around the island.

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5. Rich culture

Aside from the warmth of the hot springs and beauty of its seascape, Balut Island is also where you can find a rich mixture of cultures and heritage of its people.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Balut Island now and start your dream vacation!

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