Tips before getting your flutterfly eyes!

Lash extensions are the hit in today’s generation along with long nail gels and brow microblading. With beauty salons popping up anywhere in the Philippines, it is important to do your research before deciding on anything.


So, as you consider having eyelash extensions for that Marilyn Monroe or just-woke-up-like-this look, here are some things that you need to know:

Avoid caffeine before your lash extension schedule.

If you want eyelashes that flutter, then you should make sure that your eyelids will not keep on fluttering so your Lash Tech won’t have a challenging time adhering the falsies to your lashes. Keep those eyelids still!

Remove your contacts before the procedure.

You will be closing your eyes for the entire time that you’re getting the extensions, so for them to be comfortable, it’s best to let your eyes rest in their natural state.

Yes, you can wear makeup.

Let’s be honest: most of us wear makeup before going out, so, why change the routine? The good thing is that your lash tech will not judge you if you wear a full face at the salon, but they will have to remove the eye makeup though since they will be using special liquid formulas to cleanse your lashes prior to adding the extensions.

Take a bath.

Your newly glued eyelashes will need 24 to 48 hours to properly set. Therefore, you need to shower before your appointment since you may not have the luxury to wet your face after you get those curly eyelashes done.

Be ready to set appointment after appointment.

Having eyelash extensions means you need to maintain and have an after-care appointment for your lashes. So, before you decide on where to get those falsies, consider the cost, location, and the quality of its lashes and services that you’ll be getting. It’s best to have a lash tech who’s salon is nearby in case you need some additional pampering before your next appointment.


Aside from the tips above, here are some fun facts (or are they?) about your eyelashes that you must know:

  1. There are mites on your eyelashes – Known as “eyelash mites,” these tiny bugs live and thrive in your eyelashes day and night. They are generally harmless, but you don’t want your lash tech to see tons of them though since their increased population can be a sign of poor hygiene.
  2. You lose about one to five eyelashes per day – And it’s totally normal! This is the reason why you have to set appointments every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain your eyelashes because it can add up to 60 fallen lashes for the whole duration.
  3. Eyelashes are our shields – I recently experienced a proof of that the hard way when I accidentally picked up a nail glue instead of my eye drops; my eyes were closed because they were itchy, and yes, it did hurt! But, thanks to my eyelashes, the fast-drying glue clumped on the lash instead of harming my pupils. However, do not try it at home and I will not recommend putting similar-looking containers together especially when they’re not of the same usage.
  4. Some OTC medicines can cause slow eyelash growth – According to research, ibuprofen and aspirin can slow down and affect the growth of eyelashes due to its properties.
  5. Our eyelashes continuously shed – Their lifespan is only until 3 months and that’s why sometimes you catch a lone eyelash as it falls on your cheeks; and then you make a wish.

So, there you have it! Know of any more tips for those who are planning to get eyelash extensions? Share it to the comments below!

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