We Filipinos have rich traditions, strong family bonds, and unmatched hospitality. These are the unique practices and a green flags of our own culture:

Family Altars: A Sign of Deep Faith

Photo from SM Seaside

In many Filipino homes, you will find a small space called an altar. These altars are more than just decorations; they show that the family is deeply rooted in faith. Usually, the altars have images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and any other saints to which they are devoted. Families pray at these altars daily, making them a central part of their lives. Having an altar in the home shows the family’s beliefs and traditions.

Jeepney Etiquette: A Culture of Respect and Understanding

Photo by Lenie Lañojan

Jeepneys are a popular way to get around in the Philippines and a cultural icon, but one special  thing about riding a jeepney is the respect passengers show for each other. For example, it’s common to see people taking short naps  during the ride, and no one makes fun of them for it because they understand that you are physically and emotionally exhausted from work or school. This respect shows the kindness and understanding that Filipinos have for one another.

Family Photos in the Living Room: Celebrating Bonds

Photo from Canva

Step into a Filipino home, and you’ll likely see a living room adorned with family photos. These photos are not just a display of happy memories, but a celebration of our loved ones and a testament to the importance of family in our culture. They serve as a constant reminder of the joy and love we share, strengthening our family bonds.

Year-Round Festivals: The Joy of Togetherness

Photo by Apo Ni Juan Zosimo

Filipinos love to celebrate fiestas. These lively and colorful festivals are often held in honor of a patron saint or to mark important events. Fiestas bring communities together with food, music, dancing, and parades. They are a joyful expression of Filipino culture and highlight the community’s strong sense of togetherness and joy in celebrating life.

The practices of family altars, jeepney etiquette, family photo displays, and lively fiestas each tell a story about the Filipino way of life. These green flags reflect our deep-rooted values of faith, respect, familial love, and community spirit. Embracing these traditions not only honors the rich heritage of the Philippines but also showcases the unique charm and warmth of Filipino culture.

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